What if Paramount actually tried? (LLF's version) (2024)


  • 1 Changes
  • 2 Shows
    • 2.1 Harvey Girls Forever seasons 5 and later
    • 2.2 Bloogey Boys Forever
    • 2.3 The Not-Too-Late Show with Audrey
    • 2.4 Kamp Harvey: Audrey's Under Years
    • 2.5 The Lotta Show!
    • 2.6 Harvey Street Mecha Builders
    • 2.7 Let's Go Harvey Girls!
    • 2.8 Harvey Girls: Gettin' Real
  • 3 Theatrical movies
    • 3.1 Harvey Girls: To the Movies!
      • 3.1.1 Plot
    • 3.2 Harveyopolis: A Harvey Girls Movie
      • 3.2.1 Plot
    • 3.3 No Time to Spy: A Harvey Girls Movie
      • 3.3.1 Plot
  • 4 TV movies and direct-to-video movies
    • 4.1 Harvey Girls Forever vs. Casper
    • 4.2 Race for the Cup!
    • 4.4 The Mystery of Lookout Mountain
    • 4.5 The Bloogey Boys Forever Movie
    • 4.6 Save Our Street!
    • 4.7 The Christmas Letter Express
    • 4.8 Frufru: The Movie
    • 4.9 Untitled Lotta spin-off TV movie
  • 5 Specials
    • 5.1 HGF v. SBSP
    • 5.2 Hangin' at Home (COVID-19 special)
    • 5.3 Cartoon Jeopardy!: Harvey Girls vs. Popeye vs. the Krusty Krab
    • 5.4 Schooled! (HGF Season 5 premiere)
    • 5.5 Harvey Girls See Rugrats in Paris
    • 5.6 A Harvey Girls Christmas
    • 5.7 Paramount 110th Anniversary
    • 5.8 The Great Bubbly Build
    • 5.9 The Haunting of Harvey Street


  • The first PoD is when Pierre Dubé, a fictional French-Canadian businessman, joins William Wadsworth Hodkinson, Adolph Zukor, and Jesse L. Lasky in 1912 to found Paramount Pictures.
    • The Dubé family would retain its role until 1935 when they were forced out by Zukor. However, in 1956, they would take over a small car bumper company based in Michigan to form Gulf+Western, which would later re-acquire Paramount in 1966, therefore returning it to Dubé control.
  • Before acquiring Paramount, Gulf+Western would have acquired Mad Magazine in 1961.
    • In 1966, with Gulf+Western acquiring Paramount, EC Comics would be merged with Harvey Comics and King Features Syndicate, forming Herion Comics, with Harvey becoming a label for comedic/gag-a-day comics, and EC continuing as a label to publish MAD.
    • The formation of Herion Comics would be marked by a promotional poster with Richie Rich and Popeye meeting Alfred E. Neumann.
    • The company would still be controlled by Dubé family members to this very day, most recently being headed by Serena Dubé.
  • Paramount Pictures would have acquired King Features Syndicate in 1933.
  • Gulf+Western would have outbid Viacom to buy the MTV Networks from Warner/Amex in 1984.
    • Sumner Redstone's theatre chain, National Amusem*nts, would have merged with Gulf+Western in 1987 to form Paramount Communications, with Viacom remaining as an independent TV syndication company, mainly competing with KingWorld and Worldvision, and also owning some cable TV systems. Due to the Paramount Decrees, the National Amusem*nts theatres, alongside the Canadian Famous Players chain, would have been held in a "blind trust" at arm's length from the Paramount movie studio.
    • In 1990, Paramount Communications would have merged with Viacom, with the new company based out of the Paramount Building (IOTL Gulf+Western Building) in NYC (which is now a Trump hotel IOTL), but keeping the Viacom name, replacing the "V of Doom" with a modernized wordmark logo known as the "Wigga-Wigga".
    • Later in 2005, Verizon sold its stake in the National Amusem*nts blind trust, including theatre holdings in both the USA and Canada, to Cineplex, which later merged with Regal in 2019 after Regal's UK-based parent Cineworld acquired Cineplex.
  • Max Fleischer would have lived to age 101, dying on September 25, 1984.
    • He would remain a figurehead of Paramount Animation until his death.
  • Instead of Paramount selling its animation unit to Harvey Comics in 1958, Paramount would acquire Harvey as a whole.
  • Harvey Street Kids aka Harvey Girls Forever would be a Nicktoon, and take the place that The Loud House does IOTL.
    • It would also feature more characters from the Harvey Comics, Noveltoons, and King Features libraries.
    • The town of Bonnie Dell would be namedropped.
    • The characters would gradually evolve from the Noveltoon designs into the HSK/HGF designs.
  • The Loud House franchise was concluded after Season 4.
    • It would have aired on WAM! (CBS' kids channel) instead of on Nickelodeon, because of Viacom and CBS never remerging ITTL.
  • CN wouldn't milk Teen Titans Go and would let it end after 4 seasons.
    • All TTG projects made after that would instead be HGF projects made by Paramount.
  • Gulf+Western would have outbid The Coca-Cola Company to buy out Merv Griffin Enterprises in 1986.
    • This means that the iconic syndicated game shows such as Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune would be handled better than how Sony has handled them recently.
    • In 1999, Paramount/Viacom would have acquired King World which distributed the Griffin gameshows.
  • As HiT Entertainment would be owned by a surviving Polygram instead of by Mattel, TTTE would have ended with series 21 to allow the Reverend Awdry's family to regain the rights to the characters and continue the Railway Series franchise in its own way. As a result, the BWBA era wouldn't exist, and AEG would instead be pitched to Nick Jr. as a preschool-oriented Harvey Girls series.
  • There would be more theatrical (or at least direct-to-video) releases of movies, as not everyone can afford a streaming subscription.
  • Paramount would have respected Stephen Hillenburg's wishes for no spinoffs, feeling that SpongeBob works best as a single show.
  • Taylor Swift would have "joined the 27 Club" in 2017.
  • Viacom/Paramount would have used Nick-at-Nite as their outlet for adult animation starting in the 90s, instead of just worsening MTV's network decay.
    • In this AU, MTV expands beyond just videos, but still focuses on stuff related to music, such as live concerts, orchestra performances, a US version of "Top of the Pops", and being cable's home for the Eurovision Song Contest in North America.
    • Speaking of Eurovision, Israel is never allowed to join the EBU as a full member, because it's a Mideastern country, not an European one, and also to avoid any Israel/Palestine controversies. This means that they never compete in any ESC tournaments.
    • UPN would simulcast the Eurovision Song Contest with MTV.
  • CBS would have acquired Republic Pictures and its library as a whole in 1967, not just its studio lot.
    • CBS including Republic and Terrytoons would have been acquired by The Charter Company in 1980. Following that company's bankruptcy in 1984 after its acquisition of National Telefilm Associates backfired, it was taken over by Aaron Spelling and reorganized into the Spelling Entertainment Group, selling off all assets other than CBS, Republic, Terrytoons, NTA, and other mass media units.
    • Worldvision would have remained under Taft Communications, eventually becoming owned by Ted Turner alongside the New Line film studio and various cable channels such as CNN, TBS, and Cartoon Network (a planned merger of Turner with Time Warner was blocked on antitrust grounds).
    • In 1993, the Blockbuster Video chain would have acquired Spelling Entertainment including CBS.
    • Westinghouse Electric would later outbid Viacom to buy Blockbuster (including Spelling Entertainment and CBS) in 1995.
  • Paramount/Viacom never remerges with CBS, which instead remains under ownership of Westinghouse Electric, alongside Republic Pictures and the Terrytoons library. This means that UPN and the WB both survive as seperate networks, and actually manage to compete with FOX (but not the ABC/NBC/CBS Big 3), and the CW and MyNetworkTV don't exist.
    • This also means that the original (ex-Desilu) Paramount Television survives, and Paramount retains both film and TV rights to Star Trek.
  • The Trump Organization would have went bankrupt in 1993, and would be acquired by Viacom in 1995, mainly for its real estate which could be used for headquarters.
    • Paramount would use the Trump assets to form Paramount Hotels, a chain which would rely on character entertainment. Think the Disney Cruise Line, but in a static building instead of a moving ship.
    • The Trump golf courses would be replaced with Paramount theme parks, because the Dubé family hates golf and finds it a waste of space and water.
    • This means Donald Trump would not be elected US president in 2016 (and Joe Biden wouldn't be elected in 2020). Instead, Henrick Barry (fictional person) would be the 45th and current POTUS, being the first independent to win since George Washington.
  • Instead of re-acquiring CBS in 1999, Viacom would acquire TCI Atlantic (formed in 1994 by the merger of TCI and Bell Atlantic).
    • In 2000, Viacom would merge with GTE to form Verizon.
    • After its acquisition of MCI in 2005, it would rebrand its telecoms businesses (including cable systems) under the MCI name, keeping Verizon as the name of the parent company for both MCI and its media business.
    • Paramount Global would be formed as a media business unit of Verizon in 2019 instead of 2022.
  • Verizon would not have tried to overturn Net Neutrality.
  • The Children's Television Workshop would have came under direct control of the CPB in 1999 and merged with the Public Broadcasting Service to form PBS Workshop, a parent organization for PBS and other similar nonprofit networks in Canada (TVEducation, a merger of TVO and KnowledgeBC) and the UK (the Open Broadcasting Authority, a more competent version of Freeview's local TV, as Labour was re-elected to power during the Corbyn era ITTL).
    • As a result, Sesame Street never moves to HBO, and its various spinoffs for HBOmax and Cartoonito are instead HSK spinoffs for Paramount+ and Nick Jr.
  • The Australian Broadcasting Company and BBC Worldwide wouldn't milk Bluey, and would send it to PBS Kids instead of Disney Junior for stateside release.
    • As with other imported PBS Kids shows, it would still be a beloved part of the channel's identity, but not promoted as much as original PBSK shows, including Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, Arthur, Cyberchase, and more recently Hero Elementary.
  • A consortium consisting of Gulf+Western, the WNYC Foundation, Dow Jones & Company, ITT Corporation, and boat manufacturer Chris-Craft would have acquired the United Press International wire service in 1982 after Scripps sold it off, also acquiring the Channel 31 commercial license for New York City, which had been operated as a secondary PBS station before then, as well as Chris-Craft's independent stations in other US cities, therefore starting UPN or the United Paramount Network.
    • In 1994, WNYC would have sold its shares to Viacom, to focus on its NPR stations and to take control of WNYE-TV as a new WNYC TV outlet. Later on, in 1998, Dow and ITT would sell their shares to Viacom, followed by Verizon acquiring Chris-Craft outright in 2001.
  • Paramount Parks would still be owned by Paramount itself.
    • Instead of selling the theme parks to Cedar Fair (later merged with Six Flags), Paramount would buy Cedar Fair outright in 2006, and Six Flags in 2024.
    • Instead of licensing its characters to Six Flags, Warner Bros. would expand its Movie World theme park chain (which already exists in Australia and Spain IOTL) to US shores in the 90s, with locations in Orlando and Hollywood.


Harvey Girls Forever seasons 5 and later[]

"Meanwhile, for the fifth season of Harvey Girls Forever, Audrey and her friends graduate their homeschool elementary and face new challenges and adventures as they tackle the trials and tribulations of middle school and each girl moves up a grade. The season will also showcase holiday-themed episodes and introduce new characters and locations." - Kimberly Nordyke, The Hollywood Reporter

Bloogey Boys Forever[]

Bloogey Boys Forever features Melvin, Fredo, and Pinkeye as they adjust to their new lives in Great Lakes City, where they now live with their big, loving and chaotic multi-generational families. In the series, Melvin makes new friends, builds stronger bonds with his relatives and explores the endless possibilities of city life. Fredo helps Grandpa Hector run the family's corner store, and becomes familiar with the neighborhood's quirky characters.

The Not-Too-Late Show with Audrey[]

The series, made using the same hologram technology used for Hatsune Miku's live performances, stars a holographic Audrey as the host of her own late-night talk show, with Lotta and Dot as her sidekicks, the rest of the Harvey Street gang as the crew, and real-life celebrity guests.

For season two, the show was rebranded as The Not-Too-Late Show with Audrey: Game Edition, and reformatted as a game show with real kids and their parents as contestants.

Kamp Harvey: Audrey's Under Years[]

The show is set at a summer sleepaway camp called Kamp Harvey, located in the Paramount Forest near the iconic mountain from the movie studio's opening logo. Audrey Bertha Smith is a five-year-old camper who wears a red cap. Her divorced mother, Mrs. Bertha, is the camp director, and she stays in a cabin with Audrey's older sister, Zoe. Other campers include Audrey's friends, Dot, Lotta, and Richie. Richie is slightly older than the others and works as a junior counselor. Popeye is the teacher of arts and crafts, as well as the scoutmaster who keeps an eye on the kids. Olive Oyl and Betty Boop are the chefs of the camp. The gang spends the summer catching butterflies, building campfires, and swimming in a lake of gooey water called Lake Yuckymuck.

The Lotta Show![]

The series centers around Lotta as she hosts her own talk show from her family home. Her adopted sister, Angelina, helps her run the show and is far more competent than her. Her parents and grandmother are too clueless to help out most of the time, but their shenanigans often end up impacting Lotta's show.

Harvey Street Mecha Builders[]

This action-adventure preschool series stars Audrey, Lotta, and Dot as robotic superheroines who save the day by using problem-solving skills. The show also features appearances by the Bloogey Boys and a mecha version of Dot's pet sewer rat, Fluffy.

Let's Go Harvey Girls![]

The series serves as a preschool-oriented "lighter and softer" adaptation of the Harvey Girls Forever series that has aired on Nickelodeon since 2018. It was originally thought to be a replacement for the 2018 series, but Paramount Television later confirmed it to be a preschool series. It introduces "an entirely new approach to Harveytoons content," with a new animation style and story structure.

Harvey Girls: Gettin' Real[]

Like the Nicktoon that inspired it, this live-action Nickcom series follows Audrey Bertha Smith, an 11[sic] year-old girl with a big imagination, as she navigates everyday life. Audrey enlists the help of her best friends, Lotta Plump and Dot Polka, to tackle the obstacles and mayhem that they encounter during their daily adventures.

Theatrical movies[]

Harvey Girls: To the Movies![]

"The cartoon movie to end all cartoon movies. Hopefully." - tagline

It seems that all the major cartoon and comic characters out there are starring in their own movies—everyone but the Harvey Girls that is! Leader Audrey is determined to remedy the situation, and be seen as a star instead of playing second fiddle to that SpongeBob guy. If only they could get the hottest Hollywood film director to notice them.

With a few madcap ideas and a song in their heart, the Harvey Girls head to Tinsel Town, certain to pull off their dream. But when the group is radically misdirected by a seriously super villain and her maniacal plan to take over the Earth, things really go awry. The team finds their friendship and their willpower failing, putting the very fate of the Harvey Girls themselves on the line!


In Bonnie Dell, the Inflatable Destroyer (AKA Balloon Man) comes out of nowhere and starts destructing the city as well as robbing a safe from the bank. The police force can't stop him until the Harvey Girls arrive to save them. However, when he cannot figure out who they are and mistakes them for characters from Disney's "Star vs. the Forces of Evil", the Harvey Girls jump into a rap song to explain themselves and become distracted, forcing Popeye the Sailor Man to intervene. He criticizes the Girls for being childish and not taking anything seriously and even though they try to prove themselves by telling Popeye how they saved room for desserts after buying burritos from a restaurant, Popeye still brings up the fact that they do not have a movie of their own to prove their legitimacy.

The Girls resolve to head to the premiere of Popeye Again where due to not being on the list, sneak in through Lotta's portal and replace Sad Sack by tossing him into another portal. During the trailers for other upcoming films, Audrey humiliates herself after assuming that there will be a movie about her and is laughed out by everyone, causing her to wail and runs out of the theater, which makes her friends sympathize her. At the rest of the team's suggestion, Audrey resolves that in order to get a movie made about her and the Girls, they need an arch-nemesis.

Nearby, Frufru breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs to steal a crystal. The Girls arrive and attempt to stop her, but she defeats them by using her "mind powers" (which in actuality are just childish illusory tricks) and makes off with the crystal, but not before telling the Girls that they are jokes. The next day, a distraught Audrey is asked by Lotta to come into the living room to show them a movie that they had made for her. Audrey turns it off prematurely after proclaiming her dream of having a movie about her and the Girls agree to head to Hollywood to make it possible. Upon arriving, they once again must sneak in and run into director Chuchu Wilson who is responsible for all the cartoon movies being made. She turns down the Girls' request to be in a movie, but explains that the only way she would make one about them is if they were the only cartoon characters in the world. The Girls briefly take her words seriously by going back in time to prevent the origins of the other cartoon characters, but only end up ruining the future forcing them to go and undo their blunder.

Frufru next arrives at Harvey Street Labs to infuse the crystal's power and the Girls arrive to stop her, this time putting up an actual fight. They secure the crystal, but Frufru escapes, resolving to split Audrey from her friends. The next day, Chuchu invites the Girls back to Hollywood and announces that she will be making a movie about them due to their recent fight with Frufru.

While Audrey is given a tour of the premises, Lotta and Dot venture out and cause mischief. They find a Doomsday Machine that is heavily guarded; Lotta tries to destroy it with a rocket shot from her back, only to have the rocket thrown away by Flash Gordon who belittles them as goof-offs and thinks that they won't be able to get past him. Dot declares that she and Lotta are going to destroy the device, as the two defeat him by sprinkling and spraying Veridium Six to give him a "Veridium Six party" until Chuchu and Audrey arrive as Lotta kicks the fainted Flash away. Audrey is astonished by their assault of Flash, but her two friends still doubt Chuchu. However, she convinces Audrey to believe her by explaining that D.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y. is just a terrible acronym for a new streaming service (which stands for "Digitally Ordering Online Movies Streaming Directly At You") for the new movie she is making. She resolves to drop the rest of the Girls from the film and make it solely about Audrey (since she reckons them as jokes), which she accepts as it means achieving her dream even though she sheds some tears, much to the consternation of her friends. They wish her luck and Dot even gives her a hug before departing.

Audrey finishes making the movie and enjoys a lot of her fangirls' admirations, until he sees a little girl's picture about her and her friends. Scrolling through the memorable photos in her phone, she begins to miss them, though Chuchu tells her to carry on with one last shooting. But during a scene where she interacts with her house's door panel, a light falls and knocks her out. She awakens and finishes the scene where Chuchu reveals that they are on Harvey Street for real and that she is actually Frufru herself in disguise. She gets the crystal back and plans to use it to control the world, having made numerous cartoon films so that they would be too busy to stop her, before leaving a captured Audrey to die by setting of the street ablaze. Thanks to her baby-sized hands, Audrey escapes the burning street in the nick of time but after she resurfaces from the ocean, she can only watch her and her friends' home being destroyed. She then calls her friends back who gladly join to take out Frufru. While the Girls unmask her at the premiere of Audrey: The Movie, Frufru unleashes the crystal's power and takes control of all the cartoon characters who chase down the Girls. Audrey goes after Frufru while the rest of the team leads off the toons. Although this results their car getting crashed, Lotta manages to teleport the brainwashed toons into the universe where Sad Sack was sent to, causing the innocent Sad Sack to be attacked by those toons.

Audrey then attempts to destroy the gem by tossing a bomb, only for Frufru to catch it and throw it away. Having no choice, Audrey has to have a close combat with Frufru, but Frufru takes the advantage, and by damaging the rope of Audrey's grapple hook, manages to cause Audrey to fall into a place full of screens that soon play the movie about her. In the beginning, Audrey hopes to refrain herself from watching them. However, when the Girls arrive and destroy the screens, Frufru has already used her new power to control Audrey by forcing her to watch her own movie and tells her to attack her friends. Dot tries to stop her but to no avail as Audrey violently kicks her, who screams in agony before being tossed away. As the girls are being cornered, Lotta inserts the tape of their homemade movie to show Audrey the rest of it. At first, she still believes that they regard her as a joke, but when she sees how they credit her for bringing them together as a team and regard her as a true best friend, Audrey comes to her senses and Frufru then becomes a giant robot, then telling them that there was no way they would defeat her and their usual childish antics wouldn't work. The team takes out Frufru together, defeating her and her giant robot with a remix of their song "Run This Street" after Frufru teased them about defeating herself with it. Frufru, who manages to use her remaining strength to get out from her destroyed robot, passes out after admitting that the Girls' singing is dope, and the Girls all celebrate.

The other cartoon characters all congratulate Audrey and the other Girls for their heroism, with Audrey admitting that she has learned to be herself. When she tries to go on, everyone demands that they cut to the credits immediately with Audrey attempting to stall so that "kids can ask their parents questions". Dot tells her that this isn't the type of movie for that. Audrey then swings up to the screen to tell the kids watching to ask their parents where babies come from, and the credits roll.

In a mid-credits scene, the 1995 version of Casper shows up on a distorted screen telling the viewers that he "may have found a way back".

In a post-credits scene, Sad Sack is still trapped in the portal, postulating that he missed the movie.

Harveyopolis: A Harvey Girls Movie[]

"The girls are about to rule." - tagline

The 3 biggest besties on television go on the biggest vacation ever! The adventure follows the Harvey Girls to Greece where they discover that Audrey is a descendant of an Ancient Greek priestess. The girls quickly indulge in the most wish-fulfilling high-life ever when they discover Audrey's ancestral home is a temple.


Twenty-two years ago, Audrey's parents met on a school crosswalk and immediately became smitten the moment they laid eyes on each other. After a few dates, they eventually married, bought their own house, and had two children: Zoe and Audrey.

In the present, Audrey is teaching Tiny how to obtain a breakfast burrito, since Lotta and Dot would most likely beat them to it before they're all gone. However, the girls are one step ahead of them, and after Audrey successfully launches them out of the street, she and Tiny are prepared to eat their breakfast burritos. Unfortunately, the girls eventually get back inside and have a massive brawl over the food, where Audrey and Tiny, hiding under the table, are successful in obtaining one while the other girls fight for theirs. During their scuffle, Mrs. Smith stops the fight to inform Zoe that she has a pageant recital, when suddenly, all the other kids remark that they have activities to do today. As the adults begin to panic, saying they're not prepared for this, Audrey tells them that she knows what to do.

After Audrey gives each of her friends their respective equipment, the kids spend the entire day partaking in the numerous activities. At dawn, as the girls eat dinner, everyone recognizes them and quickly run up to them to see them. In the ensuing chaos, Audrey is dragged away from her friends and The Bow, exiting the building, accidentally takes Audrey outside, with the door accidentally locking her out. As Audrey looks on through the window, she discovers that her friends are all beloved by everyone, and realizes that she has nothing to show, prompting her to express a desire to be in the spotlight for once and feel like she's special as well ("Ordinary Me"). At Lucretia's house, Audrey bemoans to her biggest fan that she's always going to be in her friends' shadows. In an attempt to cheer her up, Lucretia offers her some cream puffs she made. After eating one, Audrey begins to cry, because she realizes that her own biggest fan has a special talent as well (as well as pointing out that she won countless awards for her baking skills). This makes Lucretia remark that her skills in baking simply runs in the family. She further elaborates that she once went to France with her grandmother and learned that her ancestral grandmothers were excellent bakers, and that passion for baking passed onto them. This story immediately enlightens Audrey's mood, saying that she got an idea as a result.

At her house, as the family is getting themselves ready for bed, Audrey asks Zoe and Mrs. Bertha where their ancestors came from. Zoe states that her ancestors came from Bonnie Dell, but Mrs. Bertha corrects her and remarks that they don't know where their ancestors came from. Audrey further explains that if they find out, they can go there and learn more about their ancestors, to which everyone else on the Street take a liking to, knowing that it means a vacation. Dot offers to find out, and simply has to get some DNA from Mrs. Bertha. After a ride in a centrifuge machine, being dunked in a water tank and being poked to be tickled, Mrs. Bertha, in a dazed state, drools some saliva out of her mouth, which Dot promptly collects (with Audrey commenting that she could've just asked her to spit in a cup instead, to which Dot says to be the "boring" way). After running the numbers, Dot concludes that the Bertha-Smith family hails from Greece, much to the kids' fascination. At their insistence, the adults agree to go vacation in Greece. Unfortunately, the money jar they use to save for trips is empty, as Zoe had spent it all to keep her teeth shiny. Not giving up just yet, Audrey says that they can still go to Greece, as they have to be a little "adventurous".

After a hectic road trip that involves riding in the cargo load of an airplane, parachuting into France, flying in a hot air balloon, and landing in the Mediterranean to hitch a ride in a submarine ("Now or Never"), the family finally arrives to Greece. As the family exits the sub to examine the sights, Lotta decides to call up her boyfriend Fredo to deliver the news. As Fredo answers her call in Great Lakes City, the two attempt to talk to each other, but only seconds into their call, the reception becomes distorted, and Lotta, trying to tell Fredo "I love Greece." and "You're breaking up. I can't hear you." is garbled into "I love ...reece- Breaking up... you." This causes Fredo and his friends Melvin and Pinkeye, who overheard the entire conversation, to believe that Lotta just broke up with him and is love with another guy. Encouraged by his friends to prove that he's meant for Lotta, Fredo decides to do just that, and proceeds to head to Greece personally.

As the girls enter the Greek town, they ask a nearby fisherman on where they can find Bertha-Smith relatives, and the fisherman responds by running away while frantically saying "Harvey", much to their bewilderment. As they venture around the town, they discover other oddities, like a door built much higher than the sidewalk, the signs being too jumbled to be comprehended, and the bell tower using a small bell instead of a giant one. Before long, the citizens begin to converge on the girls, and one of the citizens asks them if they're really "Harvey girls", to which the trio agrees. This causes the citizen to tell them that they're in the town of Harveyopolis, which is named after their ancestors some 4,000 years ago. After he and the rest of the citizens explain their history ("This Town Is Named for You"), he guides them to the temple where their ancestors once lived. Once they arrive, the citizen introduces himself as Atlas, the Harveyopolis groundskeeper, and once they enter the temple, they meet Medea, the temple's caretaker. Audrey asks Atlas if he knows any more info about their ancestors, and he proceeds to show them a painting of their ancestors, who look exactly like the Harvey Girls and their friends. As everyone proceeds to look around the temple, Audrey asks if the girls in the painting were special, and Atlas agrees, but before he could explain further, the girls tell Audrey to come look at what they found. Arriving to a hallway, she discovers that each of the girls has their own bedroom, complete with a working toilet. After exploring all the rooms, Audrey meets up with Atlas where he proceeds to tell the young girl that while the other girls may have been special, her ancestral double, the High Priestess of Harveyopolis, was the most special person in the town, and Audrey gets to stay in her former room, which is the biggest bedroom in the temple. At that moment, Dot and Lotta come in and, after complimenting Audrey for such a huge room, ask Atlas why there's are a lot of hydra imagery in the temple, and he proceeds to show them. The moment they leave, Audrey discovers on a pedestal the High Priestess' tiara.

Entering the cave behind the waterfall in the courtyard, Atlas tells the two girls that the reason why hydras are celebrated in Harveyopolis was because their ancestors had a pet hydra, and before they left, their hydra gave birth to a new one, ready to hatch when the new Harvey Girls would arrive. Reaching the end of the cave, they encounter a hydra egg, and when Atlas goes to inspect it, he discovers that it hatched. Suddenly, Atlas gets tackled, and after a brief scuffle, it's revealed to be a baby hydra who behaves much like a dog. Moved by its cute appearance, they proceed to show the rest of the kids, with Tiny naming the creature Lydia. As everyone admires Lydia, Audrey reveals herself wearing the High Priestess' outfit, and proceeds to walk down the stairs rather elegantly. Upon reaching the bottom, the other kids laugh, finding her clothes funny and outdated, but Audrey is unfazed by their insults, saying that she's going to rule Harveyopolis. At that moment, Mrs. Bertha enters and reveals that she cooked everything for their dinner. As everyone (messily) eats dinner, Tiny discovers that Lydia gets bigger every time she eats, and Audrey asks Atlas how she can become the High Priestess of Harveyopolis, to which he tells her that in order to become High Priestess, she needs to make life a better place for the village and its people, which Audrey believes to be an easy task. Later, Atlas is guiding Medea to her temporary residence (a hovel, which Atlas stayed in). As they walk, Medea nearly lets it slip that her ancestors drove the Harvey Girls' ancestors away, when it was widely reported that they left their city-state and never came back. Once they arrive, Medea grumpily enters.

Inside the temple, Bow is attempting to make contact with her deceased ancestors, and successfully makes contact with one of them. Later, after having woken up all the other kids and bringing them to the main lobby, Bow introduces them to Beryl, her ancestral double in looks and behavior. This causes the girls to be mesmerized by her appearance, expect for Mrs. Bertha, as she knocks herself out due to her fear of ghosts.

The next day, Medea is trying to clean up the mess the Harvey kids made in the hallway. As she cleans, she begins to lament to a portrait of her ancestor, Agnes, who was responsible for driving the kids' ancestors away thousands of years ago in order to achieve peace and quiet. As Medea continues to suffer from the kids' shenanigans (while also reminding herself it's only for one week), Audrey announces to Atlas her plans on becoming the high priestess. Audrey proceeds to go around Harveyopolis and try to make things better for the citizens so they can christen her as the new High Priestess, like impressing them with her magic tricks or offering them free breakfast burritos, while Atlas reminds her that being a High Priestess means that she has to put the citizens over herself, and Audrey manages to win them over by fixing in the other half a broken bridge ("I'm Gonna Be the High Priestess"). However, Medea ruins the moment by revealing that Audrey is only staying in Greece for a week, causing the citizens to believe they celebrated with a tourist and not a permanent resident. At Atlas' suggestion, Audrey tries to convince her friends and family that they should move to Greece. Using a slideshow presentation, Audrey explains that moving to Greece is a good thing as they found themselves and their culture here, and that if they stay, they can get all the fame and adoration they want. Mrs. Bertha immediately approves of this decision, but everyone else is unconvinced, mainly because they know that Audrey only wants this to be in a position of power, and because they have lives in Bonnie Dell regarding their friends. Realizing she's outnumbered, Audrey proceeds to guilt trip them by feigning sadness and lamenting that they can go back home once their vacation ends, "to our houses with their lousy bathrooms." This one comment alone horrifies everyone else to the point that they immediately change their mind and decide to move to Greece.

Sometime later, a full-blown coronation is being held in order to crown Audrey as the new High Priestess of Harveyopolis. Atlas and Medea arrive with the scepter and the Priestess' tiara. After Medea gives a speech to citizens by telling them that Harveyopolis has been priestess-less for the past 4,000 years because of the Harvey Girls' ancestors getting lost during a boat trip (which Beryl overhears and is baffled by what was told), she proceeds to place the tiara on Audrey's head, but greatly struggles to do so. Seeing her struggle to do such a simple task, Atlas proceeds to assist her by pushing the tiara onto Audrey's head. With Audrey now officially titled as the new High Priestess, she and her friends begin to bask in their royal status, while simultaneously making life better for Harveyopolis ("Gonna Run this Temple").

After a day of living life royally, Atlas and Medea tend to Audrey's bath. Excusing herself, Medea retreats to a cliff far away from the temple, screams out her hatred of the Harvey Girls for 15 seconds, and begins to dig a hole right next to the nearby tree. Back at the temple, Beryl, while observing the rain outside with Bow, tells her something urgent: Medea's comment regarding her friends getting lost while trying to find Harveyopolis is a lie. She explains in a flashback that her friends were heading back home to their city-state, full of spirit. However, when they got close, Luka, their pet hydra, flew up to them and stopped them in their tracks. Remembering that hydras are considered the protectors of the land, the High Priestess, who has the closest bond with Luka, attempts to ask Luka to let them through, but the hydra responds by firing its acid breath at her. This causes the kids to believe that they are banished from their city-state and, after the priestess relinquishes her tiara, turn back around while Luka flies back to Harveyopolis. Bow begins to question why Medea would lie about their fate, and Beryl believes that if they can find the journal of Agnes, who was their respective caretaker, they can get the answer. However, the journal is revealed to be right beside the tree where Medea started digging, which she promptly digs up. As Medea looks through the pages, it's revealed in another flashback that Agnes was controlling Luka with the royal scepter, which was holding a magical gemstone called the Hydra Stone that, once removed, reverted Luka back to normal. To make matters worse, Agnes had left the stone in the journal, which Medea discovers and sees as her opportunity to get rid of the Harvey Girls once and for all.

At the temple, Audrey, after taking a deep breath, calls up Lucretia to relay the news to her that she and her friends are descended from Greek Goddesses, and that she got crowned as the new high priestess of Harveyopolis. As they talk, Medea, having arrived back, eavesdrops on Audrey and Lucretia's conversation, and hears Audrey remarking that because of her new position as high priestess, she's no longer getting overshadowed by her friends. When Lucretia questions how Audrey can possibly still be the priestess once she comes back to Bonnie Dell, she confesses to her biggest fan that she and her friends moved to Greece. Lucretia appears to be taken aback by the news, but eagerly accepts her idol's decision (when in actuality, Lucretia is incredibly heartbroken, as she begins to cry into a "welcome home" cake she made for Audrey). Medea realizes that she just found her perfect opportunity to put her plan into action. Medea expressing her happiness of fulfilling her ancestor's greatest desire and getting rid of what has become her burden ("The Priestess I Will Be"), Bow and Beryl confront her and ask where Agnes' old journal is so they can find the truth of what happened to the Harvey kids' ancestors/Beryl's friends. Medea pretends that she doesn't know anything regarding their past, and hides Agnes' journal from their sight, but the two weird girls state that they'll still keep their eyes on her. After sneaking past them, Medea approaches Dot, who is playing the bagpipes. She commends Dot for her musical ability and tells her that the rest of her ancestors were highly beloved because of their quirks and talents. She goes on and says that she and her other friends should present their talents to the citizens of Harveyopolis so they can let their true selves be known to the public. Dot, excited about this news, immediately relays it to the other girls. Meanwhile, in Audrey's room, Audrey and Tiny are showing Atlas a magic trick where they swap the tiara with a breakfast burrito. Once they complete the trick, Atlas asks Audrey if she's ready for her priestly duties today. Audrey says that she and Tiny will practice their trick instead, but when Angus says that doing her duties will make the people happy, as they've been waiting for 4,000 years for a new priestess, Audrey immediately rescinds her last statement and agrees to help out.

Later, in Harveyopolis, Audrey is hard at work cleaning a house's chimney. Despite the hundreds of houses whose chimneys need cleaning, Audrey, hearing people cheering in the distance, believe it's what must be done to make them happy. Suddenly, a flyer flies into Audrey's face, promoting her friends. Fearing for the worst, Audrey quickly runs into the town centers and discovers to her horror that her friends are showing off their talents and skills. Their performances end up catching the attention of everyone in Harveyopolis, where they unknowingly trample Audrey. As Audrey looks on with heartbreak that she's once again overshadowed by her friends, Medea approaches her and, back at the temple, Audrey complains to her that because she's the High Priestess, she should be the most special Harvey Girl of all. Medea, feigning pity for her, gestures to a painting on a fireplace mantel showing the High Priestess riding on top of her hydra, and Audrey realizes that if she does the same with Lydia, she can get her fame and adoration back, to which Medea agrees with. As Audrey goes off to get Lydia, Mesea retrieves the royal scepter from a pile of the girls' stuff. Later, Audrey arrives to Harveyopolis riding on top of Lydia. As Audrey shows off some tricks to the people, Medea, hiding in an alley, places the Hydra Stone into the royal scepter, and at that moment, Lydia becomes hypnotized by the stone's power and begins flying in whichever direction Medea moves the scepter, which Audrey can't control. Medea proceeds to make a mess of Harveyopolis by guiding Lydia into the buildings, destroying and/or heavily wrecking them. After causing enough damage, Medea makes Lydia land, and when Audrey jumps off, she discovers the amount of damage caused and tries to keep the people happy that she can fix it. However, after a botched attempt to fix things results in the Pita Shoppe getting destroyed, the furious townsfolk immediately turn against her, angrily chewing her out because how her little stunt resulted in the destruction of their town. Realizing she lost the respect of everybody, Audrey runs away in tears. As her concerned friends follow her, Medea takes the Hydra Stone out of the royal scepter, causing Lydia to revert back to normal, and shamefully flies away.

Sometime later, as Lydia sadly lies in her cave, Medea arrives with a wheelbarrow of garbage and gives it to Lydia, where she begins to eat it, causing her to grow larger. In the temple, Audrey has buried her face in a pillow, upset that she's now seen as an embarrassment to the people. Suddenly, her friends enter and, after asking if she's alright, tell her that tomorrow, they're going to help her rebuild the town. Unfortunately, just moments later, an angry crowd arrives to the temple gates and demand that she leave Harveyopolis, blaming her for losing everything. Seeing how the people no longer admire her, Audrey decides to relinquish the tiara and sadly asks everyone if she can go home. Before long, the Harvey kids have boarded a boat, leaving Greece. As Medea waves farewell to the kids, she gleefully believes she succeeded in her mission and proceeds to burn Agnes' journal in a fireplace to get rid any evidence of her wrongdoings. However, the moment she leaves the room, Beryl arrives and retrieves the book from the fireplace, where, after looking through the pages, learns that Agnes had betrayed them. Outside the temple, the angry crowd is informed by Medea that the Harvey Kids are finally gone, much to their excitement. However, when the citizens prepare to leave, she lies to everyone by telling them that before they left, they said that she should be the High Priestess of Harveyopolis. After a hasty coronation ceremony, Medea is officially crowned as the High Priestess, but Atlas, unable to see her forcefully put herself in a position of power, reveals her treachery to everyone by telling them that the Harvey kids never gave her permission to be the priestess because he was with them the entire time. Seeing the people believe in Atlas, as he's known as one of the most honest people they know, Medea braggingly admits that what Atlas said was true. This causes the crowd to angrily turn against her, and Medea, now having lost everyone's respect, decides to do things "the hard way" by using the royal scepter with the Hydra Stone to summon the ginormous Lydia. Beryl, witnessing all of this, quickly runs off.

As everyone sadly sails away from Harveyopolis, Beryl hurriedly reaches them. She explains to them that Medea had betrayed them in an attempt to take the crown for herself and reveals how she was able to do it: she was using a magical gemstone called the Hydra Stone, which, when combined with the royal scepter, has the power to turn any hydra evil. Piecing everything together, Audrey realizes that the reason why her flight with Lydia was so catastrophic was because she was under Medea's control. However, Audrey still believes she's to blame for everything, as she let Medea manipulate her into being her friend and says that she must fix things. Her friends tell her that they will help as well, saying that because she always helps them, they will help her in return. Soon, the Harvey kids are rowing back to Harveyopolis in a dinghy, where they witness the citizens attempting to flee in boats. Arriving to the dock, Atlas is surprised to the kids return, and Audrey reveals that she and her friends have a plan to get the scepter out of Medea's hands and stop her tyranny once and for all.

At the temple, Medea is in the bathtub, ready to bask in her reclaimed silence. Suddenly, she hears Audrey's booming voice and, realizing the Harvey Kids are back, promptly grabs the scepter to investigate. Back on the ship, Mrs. Bertha is confused by an array of emojis she got from Lotta, and when they question what it means, Tiny, the only kid still on the boat, tells them that they went back to Harveyopolis, prompting the panic-stricken adults to immediately turn around and head back as well. At the same time, Medea, riding on Lydia, tells the Harvey kids to expose themselves. On cue, the kids start their plan on getting the scepter out of Medea's hands. Bow then calls out to Medea, telling her to catch her. Swiftly, Bow is grabbed by Beryl, prompting the crazed priestess and the hydra to chase after them. At the dock, the adults arrive to Harveyopolis and meet up with Atlas, who's telling them what the kids are doing, and proceed to go after them. Back at the fight, Bow and Beryl are arriving in Audrey's direction, and once Medea and Lydia arrive, Audrey quickly jumps onto Lydia's back. She stealthily approaches Medea and, seeing her ordering Lydia to fire at Bow and Beryl, immediately tackles her, attempting to get the royal scepter out of her hands. As Audrey and Medea fight over the scepter, Medea tells Audrey that the reason why she wants the tiara is because it means she'll never have to deal with the Harvey Kids ever again. Suddenly, because Medea was too distracted explaining her plan to Audrey, she is reminded by Audrey that they're heading straight for a temple wall. Upon crashing into the wall, Lydia protects herself by curling into a ball, the tiara falls off Medea, and Audrey falls to the ground so hard, she falls unconscious.

The rest of the Harvey kids and Atlas quickly arrive to the temple, having witnessed Audrey, Medea and Lydia crashing there during their fight. Arriving to the courtyard, they spot Audrey's unconscious body and quickly rush over to her, but are suddenly stopped by the still-possessed Lydia. Medea and Lydia trap the kids and Atlas in a corner, and Medea orders Lydia to fire her breath at them to kill them off for good. Audrey, having regained consciousness, witnesses Medea about to harm her friends, and before Lydia can fire her breath, she quickly jumps into the line of fire with the tiara, prompting Medea to hastily stop Lydia from attacking. Audrey tells Medea that if she wants the tiara, she'll have to get it from her first. Audrey quickly runs through the hole they crashed through earlier, and as Lydia crawls through, her large size causes the damaged wall to collapse, stopping the kids and Atlas from reaching them. As the kids panic on how to reach them, Tiny begins crawling under the rubble, as he's small enough to get through it. As Medea begins to trudge Audrey towards the edge of a cliff while demanding her to hand the tiara over, Audrey tries to reason with her that there's a better way, but she refuses to listen, and attempts to derail her self-worth by telling him that she'll never be special and always remain in her friends' shadows. Suddenly, Audrey witnesses Tiny approaching, and proceeds to stall Medea by telling her that she's actually a talented magician, as she begins showing off some of her magic tricks. After presenting enough tricks, Medea orders Lydia to fire, when she suddenly realizes that the scepter is holding a breakfast burrito; it turns out that Audrey managed to stall Medea long enough for Tiny to steal the Hydra Stone, and Lydia, now back to her normal state and at Tiny's command, destroys it with her fire breath. Medea, after lamenting that all she ever wanted was peace and quiet, reaches her wit's end and proceeds to fight the tiara out of Audrey's hands. However, during their scuffle, the three accidentally fall off the cliff, about to plunge into the waters below them. As Audrey and Tiny embrace themselves for impact, Lydia swiftly catches them (on her back) and Medea (with her claws) and flies them back at the temple, where the kids and Atlas witness their arrival.

Landing in the courtyard, the kids thank Lydia for saving Audrey and Tiny, and the citizens arrive, thanking the Harvey Kids for saving their home and apologizing to Audrey for doubting her. Lydia, having caught the tiara with one of her heads, hands it to Audrey and the crowd anticipates the moment she puts it on so she can resume her duties as the priestess. Audrey, after some postulating, gives a speech to everyone by telling them that she originally wanted to be the priestess as it would mean she would get to feel as special as her friends, but realized that she was only thinking about herself and not the others. He goes on to say that Atlas has constantly reminded her what it truly means to wear the tiara, and that's why she's appointing him as the new High Priest. Atlas initially declines the offer, believing he's just a simple groundskeeper, but after being told by the citizens just how much he does for the town and with the blessings of the ghosts of the ancestors, Atlas agrees to take on the new role and Audrey places the tiara on his head. The moment he's crowned, Lydia, angry over Medea controlling her in an attempt to kill her masters, scoops the deranged former priestess and drops her off on a small rock island far away from Harveyopolis. Medea still believes she has won, as she finally got all the peace and quiet to herself, but in a sudden twist of irony, the island is inhabited by a family of seals who constantly bark at each other, making Medea scream in despair. At the temple, the kids commend Audrey by saying that passing the crown to Atlas was so honorable of her, but question what she said about not feeling as special as them. Audrey finally confesses to them that the reason she feels this way is because they're all talented in some way and are constantly praised as a result; winning trophies and getting recognized, while she has nothing to show, making her feel like she's not special as them. However, the other kids tell him that she is special, as she's always looking out for them every single day, and that's why she's the most special girl to them. Moved by their words, Audrey declares that she's good with that and, after Tiny tells Audrey that he likes her, everyone engages in a group hug.

The next day, the Harvey kids, Atlas, Lydia, the citizens and the ghosts of the ancestors work together to repair all the damage in Harveyopolis ("My Way Back Home"). After fixing up the village, and as the Harvey kids interact with their ancestors, Atlas tells Audrey that he'll miss her once everyone leaves, and Audrey tells her that he's free to call her up whenever so she can give him some good priestly advice. Later, the Harvey kids sail away from Harveyopolis, waving goodbye to the citizens and their ancestors at the dock. After the ship has travelled a far enough distance, the citizens and the ghosts head back to their homes. At that moment, a submarine arrives at the dock, and Fredo pops out the hatch, having finally arrived at Greece. Jumping out, he asks the fisherman where he can find Lotta Plump, and the fisherman silently responds by handing him a telescope and gestures to the departing ship. Focusing on the ship with the telescope, Fredo discovers Lotta on it and, realizing he arrived at Greece a few moments too late, falls to his knees and screams in anguish.

During the credits, Lucretia presents Audrey with an array of "welcome home" cream puffs, Lotta carries a battered, mud covered Fredo (having arrived back to the United States), Dot is in a long-distance relationship with Reese (a boy she met and fell in love with in Greece), Audrey has won a 3rd place trophy for a magic act, Lydia has laid three eggs, Mrs. Bertha still embraces her Greek heritage by wearing a toga (much to everyone else's embarrassment), Atlas and the ancestors work hard to keep Harveyopolis in top form, and Medea, having been picked up by Atlas in what appears to be a form of forgiveness, is now serving the ancestors (much to her frustration) and has become the new groundskeeper of the temple, now under the watchful eye of Lydia to make sure she doesn't do any more misdeeds ("Let's Get Lost Together").

No Time to Spy: A Harvey Girls Movie[]

"Dropping in to save the world." - tagline

Audrey and her friends are ecstatic to welcome the Smiths' new Gran-Gran, Lulu, into the family with a tropical wedding celebration, but the festivities are cut short when an old nemesis from Lulu's secret agent past appears on the island. After Lulu is taken, Audrey leads the Harvey Girls on the super spy mission of their dreams to save her... and the world!


37 years ago, Lulu (AKA Agent 28) is a secret agent currently in the middle of a mission to stop the supervillain Rufus Dufus. After evading two jets chasing after her, she eventually arrives to Rufus' hideout and, after defeating Rufus' henchman, enters the control room, which is housing his latest weapon. Rufus reveals himself, and Lulu charges after him, but is suddenly ambushed by his most loyal henchman, a former wrestler with a hammer for a hand named Ham Hand. After trapping Lulu in a cage (to which she secretly starts filing), Rufus reveals that he plans to launch a rocket that has lasers which will take out all of Earth's communication satellites, so he can launch his own satellites in order to rule the world. Upon activating the launch (which is set to launch in 60 seconds), Lulu breaks free, takes out Ham Hand, and attempts to capture Rufus. However, during their scuffle, Rufus accidentally slips on a puddle of coffee, causing him to fall into his own rocket, trapping him. Lulu attempts to disable the rocket, but is only successful in disarming the lasers. When the timer reaches zero, the rocket launches into space, taking Rufus with it, never to return.

Suddenly, it's revealed that the entire story was being told by Audrey towards Lucretia. Upon completing the story, Audrey is ecstatic over the information that her step-grandmother is a secret agent and believes that she'll be able to go on real spy adventures with her. At that moment, Mrs, Bertha tells the kids to get themselves ready for their trip, revealing that they're going on vacation to a tropical island to celebrate Mr. Bertha Sr. and Lulu's wedding. Arriving downstairs, Audrey meets up with her grandparents and they tell her that they're giving her a special mission. Audrey believes it's spy-related, but is told that she needs to protect the wedding rings for the ceremony (which Lulu claims aren't insured). Upon being given the rings, Audrey runs upstairs and proceeds to pack her bag with all of her David Steele brand spy equipment. Before they leave, Mrs. Bertha is revealed to be training Zoe on how to catch the bouquet (claiming that whoever catches it will get married next) by throwing things at her with little success, while Dot assigns the Ghostly Trio to watch over the street while they're gone. With all the Harvey kids packed and ready, they officially head off.

Later, as the Harvey kids fly to the island (occupying one half of the seats and annoying the other half), they meet an eccentric old woman sitting on the other side named Fifi, who is enamored, while also annoyed, by the kids' shenanigans. When Pop Pop goes to use the restroom after getting an upset stomach, Audrey approaches Lulu to tell her that she's looking forward to being a real spy like her and voices her suspicions that someone is watching them right now. Lulu tells him that being a spy can have dangerous consequences and believes that she wouldn't get it. At that moment, Pop Pop arrives and, seeing Lulu tell stories of her past to Audrey, admits to Mrs. Bertha that he feels like he's not good enough for Lulu, to which Mrs. Bertha rebuffs. Sometime later, after arriving to their destination, the Harvey kids board a bus to head to the hotel they're staying at, the Thunderball Resort, which is run by Chloe Claireson's cousin, Cleo. After getting themselves checked in, the girls go to the pool to plan the bachelorette party, Mrs. Bertha checks up on the caterers to go over their menu, and Pop Pop, Lulu, and Audrey go on a fishing trip. Before the latter three leave, Audrey accidentally bumps into a burly man with a mohawk who warns her not to bump into the wrong people on the island and informs someone over a walkie-talkie that "the truck's all loaded for the fishing trip", making Audrey suspicious.

Audrey spots some suspicious activity from the boat, but she is soon spotted and ambushed by a group of henchmen; Lulu is able to defeat all of them. Audrey is awestruck, having just seen Lulu's fighting prowess, but she downplays it and discourages her from going on further spy missions due to the danger it poses. Lulu contacts her boss, telling her that they need to leave the island, but Audrey sends a message to her behind Lulu's back telling her she has accepted the mission. Outside, Audrey runs into Fifi again, who gives her her camera. Audrey calls Lucretia to inspect one of the pictures she took of the suspicious activity; she traces it to a nearby restaurant, Rubiner's. Audrey heads there, but is spotted by Lulu, who has a bellboy be disguised as her while she pursues Audrey. Everyone returns and takes the bellboy out on a trip, not knowing that the real Lulu is out at Rubiner's. Audrey enters the restaurant and encounters Fifi again, but soon overhears the henchmen from earlier discussing plans, sneaking away to listen in.

Audrey is pulled away by Lulu, who tells her off once she confesses she had accepted the mission, but she tells her that the henchmen from earlier are planning to build a rocket for "Dufus". The two are soon spotted by Dufus' henchmen, but Lulu and Audrey work together to defeat them all. The two then leave the restaurant on a moped and are pursued by Dufus' henchmen; while they are able to outrun their pursuers, they are soon ambushed, with Lulu captured. The rest of the gang finds Audrey on the side of the road, who tells them what had happened with Lulu, and exposes the bellboy who had been disguised this whole time. The Harvey kids are determined to save Lulu, and with Dot's help obtains gadgets that would aid them.

The following morning, the Harvey kids are able to deduce that Dufus' base is in a nearby mountain. Fifi arrives with a buggy she had rented, but tips off the henchmen on patrol. Mrs. Bertha takes the buggy, which is soon swarmed by another set of henchmen. The Harvey kids manage to lose them, and the buggy stops inside a secret entrance. The kids are forced to split up to find Lulu's cell; meanwhile, Lulu baits two guards into her cell, allowing her to escape. The Harvey kids soon enter what appears to be her cell, but instead stumble into a trap. Lulu fights against Ham Hand, an adversary she had faced in the past, and momentarily knocks him out as she finds out the other Harvey kids are now in a rocket that is being launched by the woman Audrey met from earlier, Fifi, revealing that her husband, Rufus, had been launched into space by Lulu, and she had been enacting a revenge plan by taking advantage of Audrey's naivety to lure everyone into the rocket.

Lulu fights with Fifi for custody of the remote, but the rocket launches with all the Harvey kids onboard. Seeing the plight she put them all in, Audrey admits defeat, but Lulu figures out a way to escape - using the septic tank as an escape pod. However, one of the Harvey kids would have to stay back. Lulu offers to stay back, but Audrey, seeing the love Pop Pop and Lulu have for each other, decides to stay in the rocket. However, Dot hacks into a satellite to knock it off-course, sending the rocket back to Earth, and Pop Pop frees Audrey. Everyone joins in a loving embrace.

Having lost the wedding rings during the fight with Fifi, Audrey presents Lulu with a pair of bamboo wedding rings, having obtained them after selling her David Steele watch, and Pop Pop and Lulu get married.

TV movies and direct-to-video movies[]

Harvey Girls Forever vs. Casper[]

In Harvey Girls Forever vs. Casper, the comedic modern-day trio takes on their ectoplasmic compatriot's 1995 counterpart when villains from each of their worlds join forces to pit the two Harveytoon adaptations against each other. With Lotta struggling to battle with her inner demons, they'll need to set aside their differences and work together to save their Lotta by combating Frufru, Carrifru, Santa Claus (that's right, Santa!), and time itself in order to save the multiverse.

Race for the Cup![]

Super-fast Japanese exchange student Kana is convinced that her speed is all she needs to win the Harvey Street Track and Field Championship, a competition that draws kids from all over the world. However, when a practice gone wrong causes her partner, Kenji, to get hurt, Kana ends up paired with Audrey. Kana and Audrey will discover that it takes teamwork to become the best runners they can be, but is it enough to defeat the international champions and win the championship?

Harvey Girls & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mayhem in the Multiverse[]

With the help of an ancient Foot Clan power, Shredder unites the Paramount catalogue's Villains to capture all of the Multiverse's Protagonists, until … only the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are left to stop the Paramount Villains. Our heroes must cross dimensions to rescue their fellow Protagonists from Ko'th, but a fortuitous wrong turn leads them to Harvey Street – where they find much-needed allies in the Harvey Girls. The Turtles and Girls discover their combined strength – and usual comic relief – are essential to save the day in this blockbuster event!

The Mystery of Lookout Mountain[]

When rare Horn-A-Corn toys go missing in the Mines, Audrey, Lotta, and Dot think they have the perfect adventure for the Biggest Adventure Club. But then they uncover that there was a similar problem at Lookout Mountain years ago. Audrey and her friends set out to solve the two-headed mystery. Their search takes them under waterfalls, into unknown tunnels, new Crystal Caverns and ultimately brings the kids face to face with a mythical Mine Monster!

The Bloogey Boys Forever Movie[]

After a surprise trip to Mexico derails the Bloogey Boys' plans for Melvin's 12th birthday, he is determined to prove he's old enough to do his own thing – even if it means confronting an ancient preteen demigod whose angst has apocalyptic potential!

Save Our Street![]

When Harvey Street is suddenly scooped out of Bonnie Dell, the girls journey to Dot's home state of Texas, where they meet Dot's family and must save Harvey Street from the hands of an evil CEO, Hera Caine.

The Christmas Letter Express[]

Dot discovers a child's letter to Santa Claus forgotten in the Bonnie Dell Post Office on Christmas Eve, but she is determined to make things right, even if that means tracking down Mr. Claus himself! With help from Audrey and her friends, Dot travels through dazzling parades, sweet-smelling gingerbread bakes, and snowflake flurries on a quest to deliver the letter to Santa and make a child’s Christmas Wish come true.

Frufru: The Movie[]

Frufru's world is flipped upside down when her plan for world domination is thwarted.

Untitled Lotta spin-off TV movie[]




SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs follow Plankton to Harvey Street in Bonnie Dell, where he plans to take over the world with an army of microscopic organisms. Richie and Lucretia think Plankton is "pretty cool for a talking plankton," and the sea creatures compete against Audrey, Lotta, and Dot to see which is the best representative of the concept of "Nickelodeon".

Hangin' at Home (COVID-19 special)[]

On a stay-at-home video chat, the Harvey Girls and Bloogey Boys cover everything from fashion fails to fave TV shows; featuring new footage, classic scenes from Harvey Girls Forever and Bloogey Boys Forever, and even a big surprise from Melvin.

Cartoon Jeopardy!: Harvey Girls vs. Popeye vs. the Krusty Krab[]

Frufru forces the Harvey Girls, the Popeye Gang, and SpongeBob and friends to compete on a cartoon-themed edition of Jeopardy!

Schooled! (HGF Season 5 premiere)[]

Audrey tries to swap middle school classes after being separated from her friends, but ends up being transferred to Canada; Zoe doesn't fit in on any of the college dorm floors.

Harvey Girls See Rugrats in Paris[]

The Harvey Girls are visited by Coco LaBouche and Jean-Claude, the iconic Rugrats villains who tried to take over the Reptar Corporation. Astonished to discover her idols have never seen Rugrats in Paris, Lucretia organizes an exclusive watch party.

Of course, if the Girls are watching a movie, don’t expect silence to be golden. Lotta provides the commentary, Dot presents the fun facts, and Audrey … well, Audrey doesn’t trust their new French friends. Are Coco and Jean-Claude here to attend an innocent watch party, or do they have more sinister motives up their sleeves?

A Harvey Girls Christmas[]

It's Christmas time, and Audrey Bertha Smith is super excited! It's the one day of the year the entire Smith family comes together. However - this year, Zoe makes her own Christmas plans. With the big sister on a different holiday schedule, Audrey's parents decide they should take a family trip to Miami with their younger daughter. But Audrey feels if they all miss the family's favorite traditions, the entire holiday will be ruined! With help from her best friends Lotta and Dot, Audrey's got 24 hours to come up with the perfect plan, change her family's mind, and - you guessed it - SAVE CHRISTMAS!

Paramount 110th Anniversary[]

The Harvey Girls are in charge of the 110th anniversary party for Paramount Pictures at the Majestic Mountain, and everything is going well until the magical Paramount Stars are broken into pieces.

The Great Bubbly Build[]

When Lucretia and Tiny set out to make an art project together, Lucretia focuses on its form and Tony focuses on its function. But when their ideas clash and the project fails, they learn that it needs the right mix of both of their ideas to succeed.

The Haunting of Harvey Street[]

The Haunting of Harvey Street follows Audrey Bertha Smith and her best friends Lotta and Dot as they decide between trick or treating and the signature Harvey Street Spooktacular or attending a party hosted by Xander, the cool new kid at school.

What if Paramount actually tried? (LLF's version) (2024)
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