Nexa Kingdom [Season 1] - Chapter 1 - Nex_021 (2024)

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Our story begins with 9 heroes who were destin to come across each other and unite as one to save a forgotten land that is under peril from dark forces that are at work. This is the story of a mouse, rabbit, cat, woodpecker, panther, sponge, sorceresses, huntress and a heroic warrior. As our heroes along with their friends journey to the lost kingdom, they'll meet new friends, restore the land to its former glory and fight off the evil forces behind this terrible event...

[At Yen Sid's Tower...]

"Gwarsh, I wonder why Yen Sid wanted you in his workshop Mick?"

"I don't know Goofy, but it must be something important once he'll explain it." Mickey along with the rest of his friends were in Yen Sid's Tower, walking through the halls till they finally made it to the workshop's door.

They enter the room and were greeted by the powerful sorcerer. "Ah my young apprentice I see that you brought your friends here as well, that is good. Please come in and I'll explain everything to you all."

The group came in and went up to his desk. "Okay master, what's so urgent that you want me here? It must be really important" Mickey said.

"Indeed it is my apprentice, but this acquires your friends too. For what I'm about to tell you all will be the first step of a journey I'm about to send you all on." Yen sid said.

He took out a crystal ball and set it on his table, the orb started to project an image of a mighty magical kingdom that had anything a family could ever wanted. "This here is Nexa!"

"Long ago the land was discovered and founded by a clan of nomads, the first descendants found a gigantic meteorite made out of diamonds deep within a mountain. they've named it the Wonderrite Stone, for It contains powerful energy and was able to do many amazing wonderful things."

"Along with the meteor, they also discovered a new species of different types of creatures with amazing abilities. These creatures used to be normal wildlife until when the meteor came down and sent a shockwave of some of its essence into these creatures. The stone's energy changed the local wildlife, made new unknown creatures and morphed the land into something that was impossible...! It even given the creatures the will to think and speak."

The image turned to a bunch of bizarre and fantastic creatures. "So the clan called these creatures, Imagine Beasts. They started teaching them everything they knew and taught them many other things from their travels, along the way they started to form a bond together."

"Many years later, both the clan and beasts were together as not a community, but as one big family. Helping each other from generation to generation. " The scene changed to the nomads and beasts were getting along with each other while also expanding the kingdom.

"It was a paradise filled with dreams and wonders... but that all change when a tragic event happened." Yen Sid said as the land was consumed by a big wave of dark purple fog.

"A mysterious fog appeared out of nowhere, it covered the entire land and everyone along with the beasts suddenly vanished without a trace... never to be seen again. Seventy years later, strange and terrible things started to happen from the fog. Meaning that this is the work of a threatening force and I believe that they're planning something dangerous."

"What makes you say that?" Mickey asked as the projection of the foggy land was replaced with terrifying monsters and hostile characters.

"Three days ago there have been sightings of strange phenomenon happening in Nexa, strange hostile characters and creatures have been seen coming out of the fog and patrolling around the premises near Nexa's borders."

"Oh dear, do you think this mysterious force might be preparing for a conquest Yen Sid?" Minnie asked with a worried expression.

"There's no denying it Miss Mouse, they're indeed preparing to start a conquest and that is where you along with your friends come in my faithful apprentice. You and your friends must make haste to Nexa to find its missing residents and beasts, restore the forgotten place to its former glory, while also stop the dark forces behind the kingdom's tragic event." Yen Sid said as he took out a chest.

He opened it and revealed some weapons for Mickey's friends, there was a magic staff, mace-like hammer, two gun-like blasterd and a shield with a lance. "Here, I made these for your friends and you my young apprentice will be having this."

Yen Sid went over to a cabinet and took out a long wooden box, he opened it to reveal a paintbrush-like sword, Mickey grabbed the paintbrush sword and smiled as he did a spin with it.

"This special sword I made will help guide you through many obstacles and any situation you are in." Yen Sid as he showed him how it works.

"When its in its Thinner Form to attack enemies. Not only that it can also help get rid of obstacles that were made to stop you and destroy any objects that are in the way or hiding something secret." He explained as the brush turned green.

"In its Paint Form that can help cure those who have been tainted or corrupted from darkness. You can help repair things that have been destroyed or recreate them into something new, not only that you can make draw anything into reality." Mickey looked at the brush as it turned blue instantly.

"Go ahead, try it." Yen Sid conjured up a spell and summon a wooden dummy in front of Mickey, so he switch it to Thinner and destroy the dummy in a second. He then turned it to Paint and assembled the dummy back, but more brand new with tough armor that he made.

"Excellent work, you and your friends are ready." Yen Sid said as he gave Mickey an crystal orb. "Once you six have arrived to Nexa, I'll contact you and guide your friends on how to use their weapons."

"Thanks Master Yen Sid, come on gang let's go!" Mickey said as he and his friends were about to leave when...

"Wait!" They immediately stopped and turned to Yen Sid. "There is something I forgot to mention to you all, it's very important!"

"What is it Yen Sid?" Donald asked.

"While your on this quest, you'll be joined by other heroes from far away lands and they'll be bringing their friends along to accompany them on this quest as well." Yen Sid said. "Six of them along with their friends are here, waiting for your arrival at the Airship Port right now."

"Once you get there, an airship will come and take you all to pick up the other three heroes. Then it'll take you all to your destination, Nexton where your quest will begin."

"Okay Yen Sid, come on let's go meet these six heroes and get this journey started!" Mickey said as they all left to the port.

"Goodluck my apprentice, I know you and the others will accomplish this task together." Yen Sid said to himself as he went back to work on his... secret project that he and his associates/friends have been working on.

[At the Airship Port...]

"Alrighty gang, here we are! This is where Yen Sid said we'll meet the other heroes that'll be aiding us on this quest." Mickey said as he and his friends were searching throught the port.

"It's a good we packed some of the things we need for this trip, who knows how long this will take." Minnie said as Pluto pushed their luggage on a cart with it tied to his collar.

"Eh... what's up doc!" Mickey and the rest turned around to see it was Bugs Bunny, who was munching on his carrot. But it wasn't just bugs who was with him, there was Felix Cat, Woody Woodpecker, Pink Panther, SpongeBob SquarePants and his friend Patrick Star.

"Bugs! Are you guys the heroes that'll be joining us?" Mickey asked with a smile.

"Yep, Porky, Daffy, Patrick and Rosco are bringing the airship so we can pick up the other three and their friends for this quest doc." Bugs explained.

"Oh I hope Patrick, Rosco or especially Daffy isn't driving the airship! The last time someone let Daffy drive, he somehow ended up getting him and the passengers stuck on top an antenna on a very tall building." Donald said with an annoyed and worried expression.

"Don't worry Donald, Porky will be the one driving the ship." Bugs said as Pink gave him a thumbs up.

"Gee I haven't been this faraway from home, I wonder what's out there?" Spongebob asked.

"Not to worry SpongeBob, I'm bet there could be exciting things out there like new lands we never seen and making new friends with the local residents." Felix said as he brought out his magic bag and took out binoculars.

Felix looked through them to see if he could spot the airship that Porky and the others were bringing, a minute later he spotted them. "Here they come you guys!"

Porky steered the ship towards the dock, right by its berth and then Rosco tossed its anchor hook on the bollard. The hook cling to the bollard as Porky started to reel in the ship near the dock as Daffy dropped the gangplank and then went straight towards the hook to tied it tightly to the bollard.

"Okay B-B-Bugs were here, the ship is ready to s-s-se-se-s-s-se-the ship is ready to go!" Porky said with a stuttered.

"Alright everyone climbed on, next stop to some places called Equestria and Remnant, then finally our final stop is Nexa!" Daffy said with a silly expression on his face.

Everyone started to board the ship, while Rosco was helping Pluto with the luggage. After everyone was aboard the ship, Daffy untied the hook, tossed back onto the ship, climbed onto the ship and brought up the gangplank back in.

"Alright Porky, we're all set!" Daffy said.

"Alright everyone hold on t-t-tight." Porky steered the ship away from the dock and started to fly towards their next destination.

"Sail-ho! Woo-hoo! Hoo! Woo-hoo!" Daffy laughed as they sail through the clouds in a fast pace.

[Meanwhile In the land of Equestria, 3 hours later...]

in the magical land of Equestria, the Equestrians were a civilization of three different tribes. There's the Earth-Users who can create and grow plants in many ways, they can also easily make things by combining any materials to make the stuff they want. The Winged Folk were people who can fly with wings on their back, they can walk on clouds and control the weather. And finally Magic Casters are people who have pointy ears with gems implemented on their forehead, they can cast spells, teleport, create magical artifacts and more plus they have wands.

In a town known as Equestrianville were six teenage girls, with them was a young boy who was part human and part dragon. "Alright girls, are you all ready?"

The leader of the group, known as the Mane 6 was Twilight Sparkle. She was a student of Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria and Goddess Of The Sun. Twilight first arrived to Equestrianville during the Summer Sun Celebration to supervise the preparations, there she and Spike meet the otherzs. But the celebration was cut short when Nightmare Moon, the Goddesses Of Nightmare has kidnapped Celestia and keeps Equestria in an endless night of eternity forever. But Twilight and her new friends manage to stop her by finding the Elements Of Harmony, where they use it to defeat her, freed Celestia from her prison in the sun and bringing back her sister from all the hatred that corrupted her into becoming Nightmare Moon.

"From what Celestia said, there will be other heroes joining in on this quest and right now some of them will be coming to pick us up." Twilight explained.

"I still don't get why we need help, I mean why can't we just do this quest by ourselves after all we faced Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra." Rainbow boasted.

"Rainbow! You heard what the princess said, we need all the help we can get in order to help restore Nexa, find the residents and solve the mystery of the mysterious fog." Applejack said.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Suddenly the group heard very loud screams coming from the Everfree Forest.

"Uh-oh sounds like trouble, let's go girls!" Twilight said as she and the group along with Spike went to check the commotion happening in the Everfree Forest.

[With Mickey, Bugs and the others...]

"You know I thought this Equestria place was supposed to be a place filled with happiness and sunshine... BOY WAS I WRONG! AAAHHH!" Daffy screamed.

The group were all panicking and running as a gigantic hydra was attacking the ship, the beast had its coils wrapped around the ship while trying to grabbed its passengers off with its teeth. While the creature was attacking, Twilight and the others came just in time to see the hydra attacking the airship and trying to grabbed its passengers off.

"Hey its that terrifying hydra from the swamp." Pinkie said.

"And it's attacking those innocent people on that airship!" Rarity said.

"Twilight what do we do?" Applejack asked as Twilight started thinking of a plan to stop the hydra before it takes down the airship.

While Twilight was thinking, she suddenly had an idea. "That's it! Rainbow, you and Applejack try to distract the hydra. Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike will help the passengers on the airship then me and Pinkie will try to take the hydra down."

"Sounds like a plan, yee-haw! Come on Rainbow. " Applejack said as she started to charge at the hydra.

"Right behind you AJ!" Rainbow said as she dashed after her.

"Come on you two, let's get ready to help those poor people once Rainbow and Applejack has the hydra's attention." Rarity said.

"Sure thing Rarity." Spike said as he and Rarity left to their positions.

"Ooh dear, I hope this plan works Twilight." Flutershy said.

"Don't worry Fluttershy it will, now go with Rairty and Spike once the hydra's attention is drawn away from the ship." Twilight said as Fluttershy nodded and left her and Pinkie alone.

"Alright Pinkie, ready?"

"You bet I am!" Pinkie said as she took out a suit of armor from out of nowhere and puts it on.

"The let's go!" Twilight and Pinkie went to hide in a couple of bushes that was near the hydra.

Back with Mickey and the others, things were now in total chaos as the hydra kept on rocking the ship back and forward to knocked them off the ship. While it was doing that, a boulder flying towards the hydra and smacked into the back of the middle head. The middle was dazed from the impact, while the left and right heads were searching around the area to see who threw the boulder.

"Hey lizard breath!" The hydra turned and saw Rainbow Dash and Applejack. "Try and catch us reptile stench!"

Rainbow quickly picked up Applejack, flew in the air and dashed away from the beast. The middle head gain back consciousness and all three growled in anger from what Rainbow said as the beast let the ship go to chase after the two Equestrians. Porky gained control over the ship again, he quickly landed the ship on the ground as Rosoc shot out the anchor hook while Daffy put down the gangplank.

Once the hydra left, Rarity, Spike and Fluttershy quickly came up to the ship to check on the passengers. "Excuse me is everyone alright in there?" Rarity called out.

While the three waited for a response, the three were taken by surprise when Mickey and the others revealed themselves to them. "Why yes we are m-m-ma'am." Porky said.

"Oh... my... CELESTIA! Look at this little cat, he's so cute!" Fluttershy squealed in joy as she quickly picked him up and hugged him.

"Hey lady put me down, I've just met you and I barely even know you!" Felix protest as he tried to free himself.

"Eh... excuse me miss." Flutershy turned around and saw Bugs came up to her as he munch on his carrot.

"Would you mind putting my friend down an-" Before he could finish speaking, she quickly put Felix down safely and instantly hugged Bugs.

"Oh wow, I've never seen a rabbit like you before! Aren't you so fascinating critter." Fluttershy happily said as Bugs got out of her hug.

"Hey take it easy lady, I've just got my ears cleaned this morning." Bugs said as he straightened his ears.

"Sorry about her, she just loves animals so much darling. So what brings you all here in Equestria dearies?" Rarity asked.

"Oh well you see miss were all here to pick up a group of people called the Mane 6 to help aid us on a journey to Nexa." Daisy explained. "Right now we're looking for their leader, a girl named Twilight Sparkle."

"Mane 6, Twilight Sparkle? Why we're part of the Mane 6 you are looking for dear, I'm Rarity and this young boy here is Spike, he's Twilight's assistant and adopted little brother." Rarity said.

"Hi I've seen talking animals before, but never seen ones that can stand and walk." Spike said.

"And you already met Fluttershy here."

"Hehe... hello, sorry for scooping you two up like that... I just really love animals." Flutershy said softly with an embarrassing expression.

"It's okay kid, I'm Bugs Bunny and these two friends of mine are Porky Pig and Daffy Duck." Bugs introduced him and the other two.

"Hello!" Daffy said with a wacky look.

"Why it's nice to m-m-meet you." Porky said as he shook their hands.

"I'm Felix Cat and this is my pal, Rosco." Felix said as Rosco waved at them.

"I'm SpongeBob SquarePants and this big guy here is my best friend, Patrick Star." SpongeBob said.

"Hello there hehe." Patrick said with a dumb chuckle.

"I'm Woody Woodpecker and this here is Pink Panther, but just call him Pink for short." Woody said.

"Pink doesn't talk a lot." Felix said.

Pink gave them a friendly waved. "Oh my I never seen a panther with pink fur before, such dazzling beauty of a coat you got there Mister Pink." Rarity comment his fur.

Pink blush a little and raised up a sign.["Aw why thank you Miss Rarity!"]

"My name is Mickey Mouse and this is my girlfriend, Minnie Mouse." Mickey said.

"Hello there." Minnie happily said.

"The name's Goofy, ah-hyuck!" Goofy said with a funny laugh.

"I'm Donald Duck." Donald said.

"And I'm his girlfriend, Daisy Duck." Daisy said.

"This here is my dog, his name is Pluto and he's the greatest dog I ever had." Mickey said as Pluto went up to Fluttershy and licked her cheek.

"Woof woof!" Pluto barked.

"Aw it's nice to meet you too Pluto!" Fluttershy said as she petted his head.

"Where's the rest of your friends Rarity?" Spongebob asked.

"Oh they're dealing with the hydra that was attacking you guys right now darling." Rarity said.

Then all of a sudden they've heard a loud roared that echoed through the woods, they turned to see faint glows and debris over the tress. "Uh-oh! It looks like those friends of yours could be in trouble." Bugs said.

[Meanwhile with Twilight and the others... ]

"Whoa there now!" Applejack was being carried by Rainbow Dash as she dodge the snapping jaws of the hydra. "Did you really have to keep on name-calling the beast a lot Rainbow!"

"What can I say, I always like to cause some action when I start something!" Rainbow said with a grin.

While the hydra was chasing the two, Pinkie and Twilight were ahead of them while setting up the last phasemof the plan. While Pinkie was tying some vines to a bunch of sticks and loading them into her party cannon, Twilight was using her magic to turn the ground into ice.

"Okay everything is in position! Once the hydra slips and falls down, I'll use a sleeping spell while you guys tie it up with these ropes." Twilight explained as she gave Pinkie some strange sparkling ropes.

"Ooh sparkly, what kind of ropes are these?" Pinkie asked.

"These are strong enchanted ropes, they'll tie any down and nothing can break them, except for magical elements." Twilight said as they felt the ground shook.

The two turned to see Rainbow and Applejack were heading towards their way with the hydra behind them, so they moved out of the way as the two flew past the ice as the hydra stepped on it and started to slipped on the ice. The hydra was getting close to where Pinkie is, Pinkie shot out the sticks with the vines tied to them and flew towards a tree that was far away where Twilight was. Once the sticks hit the tree, Twilight grabbed them and stretch them a bit more to make the vines go up straight, then she tied them to a big tree.

The hydra was sliding towards where the vines were and tripped as he crashed down to the ground and slid on ice till he started to slow down when he was off the ice, the hydra was dazed and sick from slipping on the ice. While the beast was stunned, Twilight along with Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash came with the enchanted ropes as they started to tie him down for a bit.

"Quick before it starts to get back up!" Twilight said as she tied the legs together.

"Uh-oh Twilight I think this beastly critter already made a fast recovery!" Applejack said with a frighten look.

The three looked to see the hydra was already gaining consciousness quickly as it saw what the Mane 4 was doing to which it made him very angry, the hydra roared at them as it started to get up and was about to chomped on them when...

"Sleepra!" All of a sudden a blast of blue magic flew in and hit the hydra, causing it to become drowsy till it fell down and was fast asleep. "Hey are you girls okay?"

The four turned to see a boy who looked to be a young teenager, he had spikey brown hair and light blue eyes. "Hi my name is Sora."

Sora was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt with white hemming, black shorts with gray pockets held on by red straps. He had a longer black hooded jacket with red hemming, gray pockets with white hemming, and red flannel flaps that are held down by a series of yellow buttons. His shoes was black with the ankle side being yellow and the tongue of the shoes folded down with a single black strap. He had gray fingerless gloves come to a v on his hands and are just short of his elbow. The gloves have red hemming, a yellow strap around the wrist, and a silver circle plate on the back of the hand.

Before Twilight could say anything, Pinkie quickly went up to him and started to speak. This was getting Sora confused as he try to understand what she was saying, but she was speaking too fast.


Before Pinkie could speak any further, Twilight use telekinesis to shut her mouth. "Pinkie please talk slowly, your confusing our new friend who just saved us from becoming hydra food."

"Anyway... my name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and the girl who was speaking really fast is Pinkie Pie." Twilight introduced her and the others.

"Nice to meet you all." Sora said as he rubbed the back of his head with a grin.

"Thanks for saving our biscuits sugarcube." Applejack said as she shake his hand, while also accidentally shook his entire body since shake had super strength.

"Y-y-o-o-u-u-r-r w-w-e-e-l-l-c-c-o-o-m-m-e-e!!!" Sora stuttered dizzily.

"Oops sorry hon, always forgetting my strength." Applejack said sheepishly as she let him go.

"I have to say kid, that was some good timing there where you took that hydra out from whatever you just did to it. It went down in an instant second, now that's what I call perfect timing!" Rainbow said as she gave him a rough pat on the back.

"Thanks... ow." Sora winced as he rubbed the sore spot on his back.

"So Sora, what brings you to Equestria?" Twilight asked as she let Pinkie go.

"Well I came from Keyblade Academy, it's a place for training next generations of warriors who defends the balance of light and darkness." Sora explained as he summons his keyblade. "This here is my keyblade, I've gotten this as a gift."

"Whoa now that's a big key, I never seen something like this before!" Pinkie said with an amazed look.

"Fascinating! Just look at the details of this weapon and the amount of power I sense in it is extremely strong, Sora how did you get this?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah and why a key, I mean what so special about a sword that looks like a key?" Applejack asked with a confused expression.

"Well it was given to me by a friend of mine nam-"

"Sora! Is that you?" Sora and the girls turned to see the rest of the Twilight's friends along with Mickey and Co. "It's been forever since we've saw you, how's my keyblade I gave you been?"

"Mickey, it's great to see you and your friends again! But who are they?" Sora asked pointing to Bugs, Felix, Woody and the rest.

"This is Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Felix, Rosco, Woody, Pink, SpongeBob, and Patrick. Guys this is Sora, the boy I've told you about back in the days where I was a Keyblade Master before i retired and gave my keyblade to Sora as the next generations of Keyblade Warriors!" Mickey explained.

"So your this Sora that Mickey was talking about, nice to meet ya kid." Bugs said as he shook his hand.

"Is it really true that...the stars in the nightly sky are actually other worlds?" Spongebob asked in a whispering voice.

"What did you say?" Spike asked Spongebob.

"Oh, uh... just wanting to know how he met Mickey!" Spongebob lied with a nervous smile.

"Yeah how do you know the mouse sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"And who exactly are you guys anyway? I've never seen animals that can stand on their feet. Especially these two, I mean these guys are sea creatures how the hay can these two be able to survive on dry land?!" Rainbow asked confusingly.

Before anyone could answer each of their questions, they heard a loud snort from the hydra which made some of them jumped a little bit. "Maybe we should deal with the hydra first, then we can answer our questions once we're somewhere far and safe from it." Twilight whispered.

"Yep!" Everyone quietly agreed as they started to finish tying up the hydra as it sleeps.

[24 minutes later...]

After they were done with the hydra problem and head back to Equestrianville, the group started to explain about themselves and Sora explained how he got here. "And that's how I was teleported here." Sora finished his story.

"Wow, I can't believe the stars in sky are actually other worlds out there." Spike said with an amazed look.

"Just how many worlds and realms are there Sora?" Fluttershy asked.

"Oh there are a lot out there Fluttershy, but can you guys keep it a secret please! The people here aren't ready to know about this." Sora said.

"Don't worry kid, our lips are sealed!" Woody promised.

"We'll Pinkie Promise on it, right everyone?!" Pinkie asked the others.

"Sure Pinkie." The girls and Spike said.

"We'll promise to keep this a secret Sora." Twilight said.

"Good, now all that's left is to pick the last member along with her friends, her name is Ruby Rose and she has a team called Team RWBY." Mickey said from the scroll he was reading.

"Team RWBY huh...? Strange name since its her name but who am I to judge." Bugs said.

"It says they live in a land that has magic and science together, the land is called Remnant."

"Remnant! I've read about that place from a book I've found in my library, it's a dangerous land filled with terrifying monsters called Grimm and a criminal organization called the White Fang." Twilight explained as she took out the book and showed them the pictures.

"Yikes...! W-w-wha-wha-what terrifying creatures!" Porky said.

"Gwarsh Mick these White Fang fellas sure are dangerous, I hope we don't run into these guys." Goofy said nervously.

"I hope so too Goofy, anyway let's get going gang! Once we have the ship repaired and picked up them up, it's off to Nexa." Mickey said.

"Right!" Everyone said as they soon started to repair the ship, stock up some supplies and loaded the Mane 6 luggage.

[5 hours later in the air above Remnant...]

"Wow it sure is beautiful, even though the land is dangerously filled with monsters that wants to tear you limb by limb!" Daffy said as he and the others were taken in by Remnant's scenery.

"Cut it out Daffy, your scaring Fluttershy!" Bugs said while Felix and Rosco were keeping her calm.

The group were done repairing the ship and left Equestria hours ago, after hours of traveling they finally arrived to the land. Right now Porky was steering the ship through the air, across a forest of tall trees.

"From what I read in the book, Remnant has five continents and four kingdoms. There's Vale, Vacuo, Mistral and Atlas." Twilight explained.

Mickey took out the scroll and looked through it. "It says that Ruby and her friends live in the Kingdom Of Vale, where they live at Beacon Academy."

"Beacon Academy what's that, is it some kind of school or something?" Spongebob asked Twilight.

"Well actually yes, but this school teaches their students how to kill Grimm, planning battle strategies and to improve their fighting skills. There are four academies in the each kingdoms."

"Alright everyone we're about to arrive to Vale in five minutes so h-h-hol-hol-h-h-ho-hang on!" Porky said as he steered the ship towards Vale.

[Meanwhile on Beacon's docking bay, near the cliffs...]

"Where's the ship that's supposed to be taking us!" A girl in white said with an impatient temper. "Professor Ozpin said it should arrive in thirty minutes with these other heroes we'll be joing on this important mission he tasked us with."

"Calm down Snow Princess, I'm sure they'll be here." A girl in yellow said with her hands behind her head.

"It's been five hours Yang, they should've been here by now!"

"Maybe they got caught in an accident or something Weiss." The girl in red said as she ate some cookies.

"Guys they're here." Said the girl in black as she and the rest saw the airship cam floating down near the dock as the gangplank dropped down.

"Hello there sorry we're late!" Sora said as he and Twilight came down. "The ship got caught in an accident and needed to be repaired from the damages it took."

"Name's Sora and this is Twilight Sparkle."

"Hi there." Twilight greeted with a small waved.

"Twilight Sparkle...? What kind of na-Oof!" Before Yang could finish, the girl in black elbowed her in the back.

"Be nice Yang!"

"Right sorry... I'm Yang Xiao Long and this here is Blake Belladonna, my partner." Yang said as she rubbed her back.

"Hi sorry about her, she sometimes a... bit irrelevant when it comes to meeting new people." Blake said as she gave Yang a disapproving glare.

"Oh come on I sometimes act like a responsible person!" Yang protest with her hands up.

"Yang you make fun of people when they lose to you in a match in Miss Goodwitch Class, say hurtful puns about people names and appearances, while also beating up those who were innocent when they messed up your hair by accident."

"Uh... okay maybe I kinda act a bit irrelevant, but I'm still responsible ...sometimes." Yang said nervously as she sweated a bit.

"Anyway I'm Weiss Schnee and this is my partner Ruby Rose, who is also our team leader." Weiss introduced her and Ruby, who came up to them.

"Hi I'm Ruby, leader of Team RWBY... hope this won't confu-"

"Don't worry about it Ruby, Twilight here explained everything to us about Remnant's history and culture while we were traveling here to pick you four up." Sora explained as Twilight brought out the book.

"I've learned so many things about your land from this book, I must say it must be kinda hard for the people here." Twilight said. "How do you guys get through the tough situations while keeping your spirits up?"

"Well while being a huntress or huntsman can sometimes be rough, but we must remember to keep on moving forward for a better future." Ruby said.

"Say Twilight what's that gem on your head, is it some kind of jewelry or something?" Yang asked as she pointed at the gem.

"Oh this! This is ju-" Before Twilight could explain further more, all of a sudden some alarms were going off from the city below Beacon. The girls took out some holographic phone-like devices called Scrolls.

"Uh-oh there's been a breach near downtown of Vale, come on girls!" Ruby said as they started to leave quickly. "Sorry guys, can you and the others wait for us in an hour ot two? We need to take care of something first!"

As the four teens left, Mickey and the others came down to see what was all the commotion about. "Hey what's going you guys?" Mickey asked.

"Yeah, why are there a bunch of loud sirens going off?" Patrick asked.

"Uh... I think I found the reason for that Patrick!" Everyone turned to Felix, who was looking through his binoculars at the city as Bugs came up to him. "You might wanna take a look at this Bugs."

Felix gave him the binoculars and he look through them as he saw what was happening in Vale. "Uh-oh! It looks like we need to get a move on down in the city, there's trouble going on over there." Bugs said as everybody started to board the ship and flew towards Vale.

[Down below in the city of Vale...]

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" Screamed the civilians as they flee for their lives from the terrifying dark creatures with bone armor and glowing red eyes.

These terrible beasts are known as the Grimm, they were made from darkness and hate, and their only goal is to slaughter anything in their path. Some of the Grimm resemble some animals, while others resemble mythical creatures and humanoid beings. The Grimm were flooding the streets and they were coming out of a hole from downtown on the ground, like someone made it on purpose with a few explosives.

Before any of the Grimm could reach the fleeing civilians, a giant wall of ice appeared and blocked their path. On top of the wall was Team RWBY who had their weapons out, ready to kick butt.

"Alright team let's do this!" Ruby said as they dropped down and killed off some of the Grimm that was by the wall.

The four charged at the horde of Grimm as Ruby spin with her scythe, slicing some Beowolves in half by their torsos. Two ursas were sneaking up behind Blake and pounce on her, but the Blake they attacked was only a shadow clone for the real one was actually behind them this whole time. She took out Gambol Shroud, then she stabbed one Ursa in the head and shot the second in the eyes.

Weiss use Myrtenaster to summon some glyphs to block a pack of Creeps that were about to gang up on her, then she summon a wave of fire to torch the creeps to ashes. While she was busy with the creeps, Yang was battling some Boarbatusks, she use Ember Celica to block off the Grimm boar attack and then she blast them in face when their not in their close enough.

While they were busy, the ground started to tremble as the four turned around to see a horde of Beowolves, Creeps and Boarbatusks were stampeding their way towards them. "Weiss, give Yang a boost!" Ruby called out.

Weiss nodded as she made some glyphs for Yang to use as stairs that leads them up to the air, till she made it to the the final one which was big and golden. The golden glyph gave Yang a powered up boost as she jumped in the air and came down like an flaming asteroid and punched the ground so hard that it made a huge firery shockwave.

The shockwave burnt the Grimm horde and sent them flying in the air, Ruby turned Cresent Rose into sniper mode and started to shoot some of them down while Weiss summon some projectile glyphs that shoot out shards of frozen sharp crystals. They manage to take out most of them, but a few of them made it to the ground, but were dazed a bit.

Both Ruby and Blake looked at each other, and nodded knowing what to do next. "Ladybug!" Blake and Ruby use their speed to do some sliding maneuvers while also using the weapons to slice the dazed Grimm with a few cuts and slashes to kill them.

While the girls were finishing up their fight, they didn't notice Mickey, Bugs, Twilight and the others were watching them since they started their battle with the Grimm. The group were amazed by their impressive fighting skills, Twilight was most amazed by their unique set of teamwork these girls had.

"Whoa...!" Spongebob said.

"Well hotdog! These four are something." Mickey said.

"They're something alright, I've never seen a battle like this before in my entire life." Bugs said as he chomped on his carrot.

"Yeah the battles we have in Toonland are funny and wacky, but here it looks so serious and fierce." Felix said.

The two groups then heard a loud trumpeting sound and a few screeching bird calls coming from where the hole was, they looked to see a gigantic Goliath and a flock of Nevermores heading their way. "Uh-oh it looks like they'll need our help with this!" Twilight said.

"Yep come on you guys!" Sora said as he and the other went in to help them out.

"A GOLIATH! WHERE DID THAT EVEN CAME FROM!!!" Weiss yelled in frustration.

"It must have come from the hole!" Ruby said.

"Yeah but these Grimm travel in a herd together, I doesn't attack alone. They only attack with its herd together, there's no way it just wander off from its herd and somehow found its way here!"

"Not only that this thing is to huge for us to handle, we can handel the Nevermores but not a Goliath!" Blake added.

"Well we can't just fight both at the same time, I say we take care of the overgrown pachyderm first." Yang said as she cracked her knuckles.

"Okay but what about the Nevermores, we can't just leave them unchecked." Ruby said as she loaded her weapon.

"Don't Worry Girls, You Leave Those Feathery Winged Fiends To Us!" The four turned around to see Spongebob in a heroic pose and voice.

"Uh... okay is everyone else seeing a giant talking kitchen sponge with legs and arms or is it just me?" Yang asked with a shock and confused look.

"Nope we see it too." Three of them said together as Spongebob took out a box of Acme's Explosive Soap and started to eat them.

Once he was done eating them, he made a shotgun reloading sound and started to shoot out bubbles from his holes like a machine gun. Once the bubbles made contact with the flying Grimm, they violently exploded as it sent them falling to ground injured or dead. The injured ones were being taken care of by Twilight who uses her spells to finished them off and Sora who uses his keyblade to end them.

"Whoa is that Twilight and Sora?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah I didn't know those two could fight." Weiss said as Bugs and Mickey came up to them, which freaked her out a bit.

"Excuse me miss, mind moving a bit?" Mickey asked which Weiss nodded with a surprised look.

"Twilight! You said these Grimm sometimes take the forms that resemble animals, right?!" Bugs shouted to her.

"Yes why?!" She shouted back.

"Well do you think they also have the traits of an animal?!"

"No, it didn't say anything about having the animal traits in the book!"

"Well then it's time to test out this theory, shall we." Bugs said as he took out a wind-up mouse toy and started to decorate it.

"Uh excuse me miss, do you think you can freeze that floor behind that Goliath-creature?" Mickey asked Weiss again.

"Uh... yeah sure." Weiss said as she stabbed Myrtenaster into the ground to create a glyph that sent a frozen crack behind the Grimm, where it freeze the ground solid.

"Thank you, okay Bugs its your turn!" Mickey said with a thumbs-up.

"Hehe hope this works." Bugs chuckled as he finished decorating the mouse into Grimm.

He started to wind it up and place it on the ground where it made its way towards the Goliath, the beast stopped in its tracks when it saw the fake Grimm mouse toy. The Goliath started to panic and stumbled backwards a bit, till it slipped on the ice. The Goliath started to fumble a bit till it loses its grip and fell, leaving the Grimm dizzy.

Bugs took out a walkie-talkie and spoke through it. "Okay Felix it's all yours now!"

Felix came flying in with his magic bag, where he was using it like a war airplane. "Fire away!"

Felix then pulled a cord in his bag where a secret compartment opened up from underneath his bag, out of the compartment was a gigantic anvil that was the size of a mountain and went it falling down where the Goliath was. (BLAM!) The anvil smashed the Goliath to oblivion, where it started to disintegrate from underneath the anvil.

"Nice work Felix!" Bugs said through his walkie-talkie as Felix started to come down and landed near them.

"Thank guys, here I'll take care of the anvil." Felix said as he grabbed his bag.

"And I'll take care of the hole." Mickey said as he took out his brush and the two went to work.

Felix placed his bag near the giant anvil and it spit out an electromagnetic crane lift truck, then the bag grew to the same size as the anvil. Felix hopped in and drove the crane near the anvil, he used the crane to lift the anvil all the way up above the bag and dropped it in there. Once he was done, he got out and clapped his hands where it summon a giant hand from the bag and the hand took the crane with it back inside.

After that the bag shrunk down to its normal size and Felix put it back into his pocket . "There we go."

Meanwhile Mickey was using his paintbrush to help repair the hole, not before he saw something near one of the edges and took it out. After he got the item out, he then used Paint to help patch the hole up instantly. Once he was done filling it with the magical blue paint-like liquid, it started to glow a bit until it was back to normal like nothing has ever happened.

"There we go, all brand new!" Mickey said as he and Felix went back to the others, where Team RWBY had astonish shocked looks on their faces.

"Okay first off... What Just Happened!? Who Are You People And How Did You All Do That?! Plus Are You Guys Talking Animals Or Something?! Also Ho-" Before Ruby could finish, Mickey quickly interrupted her.

"Say fellas look at what I found, it was near the edges of the hole." Mickey said as he took out a strap piece with a broken device on it.

"Can I see that for a minute?." Weiss asked as Mickey gave it to her as she examined it. "I know this, this is one of Atlas high-tech Dust bombs... right before all of it was stolen by th-"

"The White Fang..." Blake finished her sentence with a sad regretful look on her face, to which everyone took notice of this.

"Is everything okay?" Spongebob asked with a worried expression.

"Uh yeah sorry, it's just that I've had some... bad history with the White Fang." Blake said.

"Anyway... I think the White Fang might have caused the breached."

"But for what?" Yang asked till it finally hit Weiss.

"As a distraction, while the authorities, Huntresses and Huntsmen will be busy with the breached..."

"The Fang starts doing what they came here for with no one around to stop them!" Ruby finishes her sentence with a shocked expression.

"We've have to find out where they're and what they plan is for causing the breached!" Blake said with a determined look.

"No need for that!" The group turned to see Pink, Woody, Porky and the others while Applejack was carrying some tied up White Fang troops who were knocked out for the moment.

"Once we landed in Vale, we've saw these shady masked guys going into stores and stealing these crystals while the authorities were busy with the situation that was going on downtown." Applejack explained as she placed them down and took out a Dust-Crystal.

"So we decided to split up into two groups, Me, Pink and the others handel with these White Fang goons. While Mickey and the rest help you four out with the Grimm problem." Woody said as he and the others put the crystals into a bag.

"Eh... something tells me you four want an explanation about this right?" Bugs asked as he chomped his carrot.

"Yeah." All four of them asked when they all heard sirens in the distance.

"Uh-oh the explanation will have to wait, first let's leave the authorities a little gift for them." Bugs said as the placed the bag and broken bomb near the troops.

"Time to go!" Mickey said as they started to run back towards the ship with Team RWBY following behind them.

[2 hours later...]

After heading back to Beacon to grab their things and the sisters pet corgi, Zwei to bring along the trip. Once they had everyone and everything on the ship, Porky started the ship and put it in autopilot as they took off towards their destination, the Nexa Kingdom. Mickey and the group started to explain everything to the girls, especially the secret that Sora shared with Mickey and the rest to which the four promised not to tell anybody.

"Wow.... so not only that magic is real, but there's other worlds out there?" Ruby asked.

"Yep!" Sora said. "Just don't tell anyone once this is over, okay?"

"Don't worry we won't." Blake said.

"I'm still having trouble trying to believe all this!" Weiss said.

"Weiss... we're on a flying ship with a group of magical teenage girls, a boy holding a giant magical key that came from another world and gang of talking animals with a black cat that owns a magical bag that can do anything... how is that hard to believe." Yang said with a 'really' look.

"I-I.. wel-oh never mind, I'll believe it..." Weiss said with a defeated sigh.

"G-g-g-good news! We'll be arriving to our destination in twenty-four hours." Porky said as he sat with the others.

"Well we've got a while till we reach Nexa, why don't each of us share stories about some amazing adventures we've had with this." Minnie said as she brought out a Memory Projector.

"Good idea Minnie, I'll set up the screen." Mickey said.

"And I'll whip up some snacks for us to enjoy the show!" Spongebob said as the two went to work.

"Excuse Minnie but what is this contraption?" Twilight asked.

"This is a Memory Projector." Minnie answered.

"A Memory Projector, what's it do?" Yang asked to which Minnie started explaining.

"It's a projector that can show a memory of what we did in the past like a trip to somewhere or something crazy we did that sometimes ended up into a problem. First we tell the story of that memory through this microphone that's connected to the projector and it'll show us the memory as we tell it."

"Who would like to go first?" Minnie asked as Mickey finished setting up the screen and Spongebob came back with a bunch of snacks.

"Here I'll go first!" Pinkie said as she came up and sat down near the projector as Minnie gave her the microphone.

"This is the story where I found this magical pound that can make duplicates If you step into it and I though I could clone myself to hang out with all of my friends, but let's just say things didn't go so well..."

['Too Many Pinkie Pies' Story later...]

"...The end." Pinkie said as she finished telling her story.

"Wow and I thought Nora was super chaotic extroverted type." Blake said.

"Something tells me you learned that you can't just be in the same place to hangout with all you friends." Mickey said.

"Yep sometimes we'll have more opportunities to spend time together another day, okay who wants to go next?" Pinkie asked as Spongebob came up.

"I'll go!" SpongeBob said as Pinkie gave him the microphone and let him sit down near the projector.

"This is the story where my dream came true, becoming a frycook for the greatest restaurant in the entire ocean... the Krusty Krab. It all began on a day where I started to get ready to apply early in the morning..."

['Help Wanted' Story later...]

"And that's how I became the greatest frycook in the deep blue sea." SpongeBob said as he finished telling his story.

"Whoa now that's what I call... Fastfood!" Yang said jokingly to which her teammates groaned at the pun she made.

"No... just no." Ruby said with an annoyed look.

"Even though I'm the fastest Equestrian in all of Equestria, I'm impressed with how fast you serve those patties kid!" Rainbow compliment Spongebob.

"Aw why thank you Rainbow Dash." SpongeBob said as he blush a little.

"If you think that's fast, just wait till you see how fast he cleans!" Patrick said as Felix came up to them.

"I would like to go next please!" Felix said as Spongebob gave him the mike.

"This is the time where I went to this carnival that was in town to enjoy it, but all of that was ruined when Peaking Duck and his goons were back to their old tricks to steal my magic bag..."

['Step Right Up' Story later...]

"Wow Felix that was a strange but amazing story you had there." Spike said as he patted Zwei on the head.

"What kind of villain would name themselves 'Peaking Duck', I get the duck part but Peaking... really!" Rainbow said.

"I guess some villains just aren't that creative to come up with evil names." Ruby said as she ate a cookie.

Pink came up to Felix and wanted to go next. "You want to go next Pink, but how are you going to tell your story when you can't speak?" Felix asked.

Pink brought out a helmet with a cable wire connected to it, he plugged it in, place the helmet on him and the projector started to his story where he went on this game show to win a lifetime supply of Pickleicious Pickle Power Extreme power drink, while going up against El Destructo.

['Pink Or Consequences' Story later...]

After the film end, Pink unplug the helmet and went back to his seat where he took out a bottle of Pickle Power Extreme to enjoy. The smell of the awful drink caused Weiss face to turn green, while she tried holding her meal she had in her stomach

"Okay eww, who on Remnant would want to make these drinks?" Weiss asked with a disgusted expression.

"I don'tknow about you sister, but this Pickle Power Extreme is great!" Daffy said as he opened his bottle and drank it, which made Weiss even more sicker.

"Okay who else wants to go next and tell a story." Minnie asked.

"why don't we go Minnie, let's tell them the time we both took our vacation in the mountains of Switzerland." Mickey said.

"Great idea Mickey!" Minnie said as she and Mickey sat down together and began to tell their 'Yodelberg' Story while the projector rolled the memory film.

[24 hours of storytelling later...]

After sharing stories, playing games, eating snacks and getting to know each other more, the group were all fast asleep in their own rooms from having so much fun last night. While they were sleeping, an alarm started to go off which it woken everybody up. They all started to get out of their beds and exit their rooms, with tired eyes and trying to keep themselves awake.

"H-huh! What's going on?" Ruby asked with a yawned.

Porky checked his watch and was fully awake when he saw the time. "Why it's f-f-fiv-fiv-f-f-fi-twenty-four hours has passed, that means we're about to arrive to Nexa in a few minutes!" Porky said.

This caused everyone to be fully awak. "Come on everyone let's clean up the place, get dressed and head towards the bridge!" Mickey said.

Soon the group started to cleaned up the ship, clean themselves up and made their way towards the bridge. Once there they look through the windows and saw the fog covered land before them. "Whoa, there it is! Porky take us down." Bugs said.

"A-a-a-aye aye Cap'n." Porky said as he turned off the autopilot and steered the ship towards the ground near the land's entrance.

"Here we're gang, let's get this adventure started haha! Mickey said as everybody nodded with smiles on their faces.

As the ship descend towards Nexa, our heroes and their friends were ready to start their new adventure together as they're about to begin something that'll not only change their life, but the lives of many others and beyond once they set foot on this forgotten land.

Nexa Kingdom [Season 1] - Chapter 1 - Nex_021 (2024)
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