Her Triplet Alphas - Joanna J - Werewolf (2024)

"Her Triplet Alphas" is a Werewolf novel by Joanna J that gives us a close look into Chasity's life and the social struggles she has had to endure. She had always been bullied by three identical brothers, and her most ardent desire was to find the fated mate that would defend her and place her out of harm's way. There was only one problem: Her bullies were actually her fated mates!

This heart-rending tale is divided into 144 episodes and has generated over 6.4M reads and 728.6K followers.

Witness Chasity's sorrowful quagmire in "Her Triplet Alphas"!

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Chasity was adopted by Alpha Romeo Thorn and his wife at the tender age of nine, after her parents went rogue and left the Winter Moon Pack. She subsequently had to work hard for them in order to pay off her parents' debt and was always treated by her adoptive brothers, the "Thorn Triplets," as an inferior. In fact, not a moment would pass without them emphasizing that she was beneath them, either by word or deed.

At the time of the events in the novel, Chasity was nearing her coming-of-age. The deal was that, once Chasity turned eighteen and finished high school, she'd be free to leave the Thorn household, as the debt would've been deemed paid off. At the same time, the triplets were turning 21, which is the eligible age to ascend to Alpha status.

At one point, the most popular girls in school inspired Chasity to go for a total makeover, something that wouldn't go unnoticed by the triplets, who jokingly started flirting with her. They also asked her if she had found her mate, to which she answered negatively. They then reminded her that her inner wolf would awaken on her eighteenth birthday and point her to her destined mate.

To Chasity's surprise, it turns out that her fated mate is not one but three! As in, the same triplets that had derided her since childhood. Nevertheless, as cute as the triplets may be, she's determined to flee right after finishing her high school studies. The triplets would do everything in their power to entice her to stay, but will they succeed?

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Chasity is the female lead in the novel, pejoratively nicknamed "Charity" because she was received by the Thorne family as an act of "mercy." Physically, she's not exactly a knockout but not extremely hideous, either. She has always been a tad overweight, a trait that would earn her insidious fat jokes from pack members and the Thorn family itself. Nevertheless, she has a fairly pretty face and hair.

In terms of personality, she appears resilient but is also rather fragile. She swore not to cry ever in front of the Thorn brothers, no matter the circ*mstances or humiliations they subjected her to. She has also turned a bit cynical due to her rough childhood and upbringing.


Alex is the oldest of the three brothers and is also the roughest one, with a very strong and inflexible character.


Felix is an attention whor* and quite snarky. He's also the "flirty" kind.


Calix is the younger of the three and probably the "kindest," in contrast to Alex. He's the one who treats Chasity the best, though not by much.

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Hot Chapters

Chapter 9

Chasity was being shown her new premises, including the luxurious bedroom and the tub she wasn't allowed to use before. Alex, the eldest of the triplets, was surprisingly kind to her, but he suddenly mentioned her infamous nickname ("Charity") which brought back some unpleasant memories and she started feeling very uncomfortable.

In a split second, she rushed towards the door and walked out, looking for a bus stop. Shortly after, she stumbled upon Felix, who took her back home. There, an intense sexual scene ensued, and Calix gave her a hickey, knowing that she would have to showcase that to all the unmated males at school.

Chapter 12

It was Christmas Eve and the entire Thorn family was staying for dinner, including the triplets' grandfathers, both of whom disapproved of Chasity being their Luna. Regardless, the triplets insisted that she spend the night with them. After dinner, Chasity cuddled with them and they kissed and caressed her passionately, though no coitus was yet achieved.

The next morning, the former Luna complained that breakfast was not ready, a scene that triggered a flashback of Chasity just three years prior being pushed out the door, coincidentally on Christmas day.

Chapter 13

Chasity was taken to a bikini store in the Pack's mall, called "Fierce Bikini Babe." There, Chasity recalled the time the triplets used to call her fat and insult her, while now, contrastingly, they would drool over every bikini she tried out. Felix then insinuated, in a rather graphic manner, that she would lose her virginity on the trip they were about to take.

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"Her Triplet Alphas" is a Cinderella-type story but not in the traditional sense. The female lead, Chasity, was received by a foster family but only to slave herself for the debts incurred by her biological parents. Furthermore, up to the point where it's discovered she's the triplets' fated mate, she is treated as a peasant, but that changes radically soon after turning eighteen.

Additionally, concepts such as forgiveness and justice are also touched upon. Chasity was paying off a debt she didn't owe and had to endure humiliation for a foul she didn't commit. This is telling of the quasi-karmic system that permeates the Werewolf system, wherein everything that befalls you is a result of something beyond your control.

Lastly, polyamory is accepted, albeit based on a very specific premise related to DNA. In the Werewolf system as it's portrayed in this novel, twins, triplets, and similar sets can share the same mate since they already contain the same genetic information.

Author Introduction

Joanna J is a very experienced web novel writer with seven works published under her name, including "Luna Queen Pariah," "Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas," and the novel under review ("Her Triplet Alphas"). While we don't know much about Joanna J's personal details, she shows proficiency in Werewolf novels, especially those involving multiple sexual partners (as the reader is probably able to attest).

Writing Style

The author employs a language that's easy to read, with strong erotic overtones in places. She doesn't spare any details regarding the different sexual encounters and all the thoughts that go through Chasity's head as they occur.

Point of View

The entire narrative is put forth mostly from Chasity's point of view, so we get to witness firsthand all her thought processes. Occasionally, we're detached from Chasity's mind, so the author gives us a third-view angle in specific scenes, though these are few and far between.

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"Her Triplet Alphas" is a terrific novel that's highly unconventional in its premise and presents us an alternate view of the Werewolf realm that differs from the usual abused-luna-meets-alpha scheme. The introduction of a polyamorous relationship with a legal backdrop is not very typical in this genre, so we commend the author for giving us readers a needed change in formula.

That said, the novel is not without its pacing issues. Chasity's transition from rags to riches felt a bit rushed, although the novel still offers some interesting highlights after this transformation. On the other hand, the novel doesn't lose its narrative focus throughout its 144 chapters, so the reading experience should be smooth across all its virtual pages.

At the end of the day, "Her Triplet Alphas" grants readers an enticing excuse to spend their free time, and it's a novel you shouldn't miss out on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the triplets of "Her Triplet Alphas"?

The triplets in "Her Triplet Alphas" are, from eldest to youngest: Alex, Felix, and Calix.

Is "Her Triplet Alphas" for people of all ages?

The novel contains graphic sexual scenes and language. Hence, it should only be read by people 18 years old or above.

Is "Her Triplet Alpha" part of a series?

Though it's not strictly part of a series, another novel by the same author, called the "Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas" seems to take place in the same universe and features characters from "Her Triplet Alpha."

Her Triplet Alphas - Joanna J - Werewolf (2024)
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