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  • In a room illuminated solely by a small bedside lamp, I sat in a chair facing a big bed on which my three daughters lay soundly asleep.
  • “And thus, the prince and princess lived happily ever after,” I ended, concluding their bedtime storytelling session. Closing the book, I tucked in all the girls and kissed each of their foreheads.
  • I smiled thinly at their innocent faces, whispering, “Sleep well, Rose, Jasmine, Violet. You are my treasures, and I will always protect you at any cost.”
  • After closing the bedroom door, I hurried out of my apartment and pounded on my neighbor’s door. “Gloria! Gloria, open up!” I impatiently cried out. The door swung open, revealing Gloria in her nightgown.
  • “Uh…do you know it’s midnight?” yawned Gloria.
  • I nodded. “I know! I came after putting my daughters to bed. Let me in!”
  • “Fine, fine…Sorry, it’s a mess. You can sit there.”
  • I didn’t mind the state of the middle-class witch’s apartment, so I immediately sat on the sofa. My heart raced as I bit my nails nervously.
  • “Chamomile tea?” offered Gloria, sensing I was up the creek without a paddle.
  • “Thanks, you’re so kind.”
  • “What’s the matter? You look like you just saw a ghost.”
  • “Indeed.” I replied, my eyes welling up and trembling as I added, “Xander found me.”
  • Gloria nearly dropped her tea cup. “By the name of Hecate! Are you serious? Did he…”
  • “He knew. And he asked the truth.”
  • The witch quickly sat next to me to hear more. Despite only getting to know each other for three years, Gloria roughly knew my life path and vice versa. We had each other’s backs.
  • Gloria gently held my hand, helping me regulate my breathing.
  • “He also looked suspicious….” I started crying again. The tears I had been holding back finally spilled.
  • Clenching my jaw, I looked at her. “Gloria, I know you’re more powerful than you think. I believe that. So please, I beg you to make a charm… No, a stronger protective spell for my daughters!”
  • Gloria was taken aback, shaking her head vigorously. “Peony, that’s impossible! I’m not that powerful, you know?” she refused.
  • With forced tears flowing down my cheeks, I grasped Gloria’s shoulders tightly. My eyes radiated belief in my friend. I held onto hope firmly.
  • “I believe in you, Gloria… At least Xander can’t find them again… They’re all I have, Gloria… I can’t face the probability of losing them too….” My voice became hoarse as I broke down sobbing.
  • “Calm down, Peony….” Gloria hugged me tight while patting my back.
  • “I’ll pay whatever it takes….” I continued to plead, “To protect my babies.”
  • Gloria sighed, then released her embrace. She explained, “That’s not the main issue. Giving you a new charm won’t solve everything. It would be best to start telling your daughters the truth, Peony. I honestly think this moment is the time universe set so you can stop hiding.”
  • “They’re still too young.”
  • “They’ll learn to understand.”
  • I fell silent, then stood up. It seemed that I was burdening Gloria too much, and that reaction showed that Gloria was reluctant to help me.
  • “It’s okay if you don’t want to help me this time. I’d better come home,” I said.
  • “Hold on,” Gloria intervened, not wanting to see this single mother’s sadness, “Give me time till dawn.”
  • Throughout the night, I passed back and forth. I was only reading a book in the living room while anxiously awaiting Gloria’s arrival. Luckily, the witch kept her promise.
  • When the morning arrived, I placed blue pearl bracelets on Rose, Jasmine, and Violet’s wrists.
  • “Another new charm, Mom?” Violet gazed at her new bracelet in wonder. “Was there something wrong with the one we had before?”
  • “No, this one is just prettier to wear, right?” I replied, adding a little lie. But beyond that, I don’t want my daughters to know anything else.
  • As Violet opened the door, I stopped.
  • “Wait, I will take you to school.”
  • “Why? You’ll be late for work,” asked Rose.
  • I took a jacket and bag, smiling, “It’s okay. I already asked for a permit from Mr. Mathew.”
  • “Yay! It’s been so long since you took us to school!” Jasmine exclaimed joyfully.
  • Hand in hand, my triplets and I walked down the streets, took the bus, and arrived at the elementary school. I knelt in front of my three daughters, hugging them tightly.
  • “When school ends, please wait until I come here, okay?” I said, smiling softly.
  • “Yes, Mama,” Rose, Jasmine, and Violet answered together.
  • I nodded. “You’re all smart kids. Please study hard and listen to your teachers.”
  • I stayed behind to wave goodbye to my daughters. Glancing at my wristwatch, which showed past eight, I sighed deeply. I don’t care if Mr. Mathew cuts my salary this month. I had ensured Rose, Jasmine, and Violet’s safety, which was my top priority.
  • Then, I hurried to the restaurant. As I reached the door, my hand brushed against someone else’s. All the alarms within me blared, pushing out my fight-or-flight instinct. I quickly turned around. Xander stood in front of me.
  • “What… what are you doing here? How did you find this place?” I whispered, my eyes widening with shock.
  • Xander caught my hand. “You better not walk away!”
  • “Get your hand off me!” I shouted, struggling to free my hand. Thankfully, there weren’t many people around, but it was still dangerous if Xander was here.
  • “No, we need to talk,” Xander replied, tightening his grip on my hand. I clenched my fists with strength and determination and yanked my hands away from Xander’s.
  • I quickly hid my hand, which had to transform and grow sharp claws. I took a deep breath, so my hand returned to its original form. As I turned, I was surprised to see a line of blood flowing down Xander’s cheek.
  • “I’m glad you haven’t lost your werewolf abilities, even after living among mortals for so long,” Xander said calmly, wiping his cheek. His regeneration power as an alpha made the wound disappear in one swipe
  • “Stop talking nonsense and leave me!” I exclaimed.
  • Xander tried to reach out to me again, but I stepped back.
  • “We can fix everything, Peony! With our daughters, I will make you happy!”
  • “You’re saying that now?” I laughed bitterly. “Ha, I wouldn’t buy that. Oh, the thing is… They’re not yours.” I pressed my trembling lips tightly. I wondered where I got the courage to respond to the words of someone haunting me like a nightmare.
  • “Then whose are they?” Xander asked.
  • My breath caught in my throat. “It’s none of your business.”
  • After that, I ran as fast as I could from the restaurant. My position was no longer safe, so I returned to the apartment to pack my things. I also called one of my work colleagues.
  • “Helga, please tell Mr. Mathew I’m walking away.”
  • I felt relieved that Xander didn’t follow me to the apartment. But I knew it was only a matter of time before that monster found us.
  • I went to the elementary school to pick up my triplets. All the students had already scattered to their parents, But Rose, Jasmine, and Violet were nowhere to be seen.
  • “This doesn’t feel right….” I approached a teacher. “Excuse me, Ma’am, are any students left in the school?”
  • “No, everyone should’ve gone home. How can I help you, Ma’am?” the teacher asked.
  • My feelings became even more uneasy.
  • “Do you know Rose, Jasmine, and Violet Crimson? They’re supposed to wait for me here.”
  • Another teacher hurried over. “Mrs. Crimson, right? Your triplets were picked up by their father ten minutes ago.”
  • “What? That’s too far-fetched!” I screamed. My lips trembled, and my whole body felt like electricity had hit me. I read the teacher’s confusion and added, “Their father has passed away….”
  • “Oh, my God! I’m so sorry! That man looks so much like Miss Violet!” the teacher apologized.
  • Both my legs lost their strength, I fell to the ground. It felt like the sky had come crashing down on me.
  • There was only one reason this happened.
  • Xander must have found them!

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Chapter 3 Found Then Lost- Triplets For My Alpha Novel Read Online | Bravonovel (2024)
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