Call of the Night season 2 Release Date Status Confirmed Or Cancelled? [2023 Updated] (2024)

Anime fans were heartbroken at the idea of what lay ahead as the spring 2022 anime lineup ended with unexpected hits like Spy x Family. However, no one could have predicted that summer 2022 would be equally enjoyable. With its punchy audio-visual design and steamy plot, Call of the Night actually turned up the heat on the summer anime lineup during the summer 2022 season, taking the anime verse by storm this season.

Call of the Night: Season 2 was in high demand among viewers after the anime’s first season, which had 12 episodes, ended. Despite the show’s strong viewership, the company hasn’t yet announced a second season. We think it’s a little early to make a formal announcement because the studio is also working on other things, but we are confident that a sequel will be released eventually.

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In this piece, we’ll let you know if season 2 of the show is in the works today. Additionally, you’ll discover a lot about the series itself. Prepare yourself to learn more about the just launched vampire show by continuing to read.

Release Date for Call of the Night Season 2

It has not yet been decided whether or not Call Of The Night, a recently published manga turned anime, will get a second season. Season 2 has not yet received any information from the team. Undoubtedly, the show has received positive reviews since its debut, but it is still too early to determine how season 2 will fare. As no official announcement has been made, we can only conclude that there is currently no confirmation of the series’ renewal for a second season.

Name of the ShowCall Of The Night
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomantic Comedy
Call Of The Night Season 1 Release Date8 July 2022
Call Of The Night Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Story from Call of the Night Season 2

These types of WIT stans are stupid and need to realize that the universe was not made by George Wada
I was being optimistic about Tomohiro Kishi being a goated designer and then this schmuck decides to use Mikasa's good frames for the wrong cause
Are WIT stans this insecure?

— Vincent | Bonfire of Dreams | 2 DAYS (@vincent5126) August 12, 2022

It’s not as simple as you think to turn into a vampire. Ko Yamori is tired of his boring life and is desperate to become a vampire, but finds it difficult, at the very least. He stops attending school and begins nighttime strolling. On one of his nighttime strolls, he encounters vampire Nazuna. She explains to him the cause of the newfound insomnia he has been experiencing. He makes adjustments to his life, but they are ineffective for him. She encourages him to rediscover the joy in his life by demonstrating the benefits of nighttime strolling. However, he feels that it is insufficient and that to become a vampire, he must first fall in love with Nazuna. Only if he falls in love with her will things change. You won’t know whether he turns into a vampire or not or if he falls in love with her unless you see the anime series.

Cast and Characters from Call of the Night Season 2

In addition to the human and vampire characters listed below, Ko Yamori and Nazuna are the two main characters of this series.

  • A 14-year-old boy named Ko Yamori wishes to become a vampire because he is unhappy with his life. He believes that he will become a vampire. While out for a nighttime stroll, he encounters Nazuna.
  • Nazuna is an introverted nightwalker. He is content because of her.
  • Some human figures include Akira Asai, Mahiru Seki, Akihito Akiyama, and Kiyosumi Shirakawa.
  • Seri Kikyo, Nico Hirata, Kabura Honda, Midori Kohakobe, and Hatsuka Suzushiro are some of the vampire characters.

Which Studio Is Making Call of the Night: Season 2?

Liden Films is the animation studio for both season 1 and, presumably, season 2. The anime’s stylish color scheme blended seamlessly with the depiction of Japanese nightlife, and the additional sharpness and clarity of the images added credibility to Nazuna and Kou’s antics.

Liden Films’ other productions include Tokyo Revengers and Akashic Secrets of Bastard Magic Instructor, so it’s not surprising that Call of the Night’s anime was of the highest caliber.

Where Can I Watch Season Two of Call of the Night?

You can watch season 1 of call of the night on HiDive, where it is streamable if you want to see Ko’s entire journey of falling in love and how it changes his life. HiDive is one platform to watch season 1 of Call of the Night, and Viz Media has the manga available for purchase.

Call Of The Night Season 2 Ratings & Review

The Goodreads ranking for this manga is 3.8/5. This manga is praised as an excellent teen and popular with viewers everywhere. Both the romance and comedy in this anime are excellent. Teenagers everywhere loved it the most. An essential component of the anime is the story plot.

Call of the Night season 2 Release Date Status Confirmed Or Cancelled? [2023 Updated] (2024)
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